Michael Dean and Neema Vedadi wax poetic about how three-strikes laws get cops shot, horizontal enforcement of society’s nanny rules, how everyone in Wyoming is a militia member by LAW, Wyoming Barbies, “videotaping this crime spree is the best idea we’ve ever had!”, who should have a gun and who shouldn’t, why the State of Delaware was stealing basketball hoops on private property, why hip-hop is libertarian, medical marijuana and gun rights, why hip-hop artists getting are always getting busted for guns and weed, the joys of KILLDOZER ownership, why licensing is immoral, why there should be no speed limits, how a libertarian paradise would lead to post-scarcity, and why the 1970 book Future Shock has come true.

Turn your cash into liberty!


  1. Regarding the “increased danger” of cops, the risk to cops has been getting lower for decades. The “3 strikes laws” have of course increased the risk but it’s still lower than it was years ago..

  2. I have been listening to your Guns and Weed podcasts and I had to come tell you I love what you are doing. Keep em coming. For a long time I only listened to Alex Jones Podcasts in my car as I drove around Montreal, but since you have been releasing Guns and Weed casts I have been including them on my burned cds along with some choice tunes to keep me company and engage my mind. I feel like I am sort of getting to know you. I like you guys and I can’t say enough great things about your show; it is funny, thoughtful and poignant.

    Growing up in English Montreal I was sort of by default a Liberal. My parents raised me as a protestant and I used to not really read too deep into politics or philosophy. I just assumed (because of peer influence) that Liberal America was the greatest evolution of democracy ever. 9/11 really shattered my outlook and started my search for a deeper understanding of how things work. It has been an amazing educational process, and lately listening to your podcasts has been a kind of therapy for me. You have cleared up a lot of things for me about libertarianism and have really brought into focus a lot of thoughts that were very vague in my mind before.

    Thank you. (no homo) :)

  3. Another great podcast, gentlemen. Looking forward to the next episode. Make my commute more awesome… Do it daily!

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