Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi talk about the cop in Canton, Ohio who threatened to kill a non-criminal non-violent gun owner, the cool new pro-gun kids book, My Parents Open Carry, Hugo Chavez ruling via Twitter (and how rule-via-Twitter is coming to America), what’s wrong with the Southern Poverty Law Center and why one punk rocker gives them a fortune, Lysander Spooner and the US Post Office going broke regardless, how to go viral on Facebook, Michael’s book YouTube: and Insider’s Guide to Climbing the Charts, how the Invisible Hand leads the Internet, the economy and the Universe, how the Norway killings prove that Gun Control does not work, the archived Facebook page of the Norway shooter, The nefarious “They”, Ocean’s 13 and libertarian morality, how anti-rodeo gun hater Sheryl Crow wants to police your pooping, the English transcription of  the Guns and Weed movie, how “There’s no experience quite like having sex with another man’s wife, with full permission and him in the room, with both of our loaded handguns on the nightstand”, How shooting a lot can keep the world safer, Facebook minutes, Thomas Jefferson on Patents, the ethics of sampling in hip-hop, and Ray Nagin’s horrible self-published book. Then we hear a song “Vagrant Vampires”, by Michael’s old band, Bomb.

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Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi talk about how medical pot cured the Nazi-pin up twins Prussian Blue of Nazism, the book “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance“, the path of telecom liberty in Ghana, Transcribing and translating movie for subtitles in Czech, i.p. (intellectual property law), how it affects Michael and Neema, and how it would work in a libertarian paradise, how hacking is the new Pac Man, Angry crows dive-bomb officers in Everett, Wash, the best social network for liberty if Facebook went down, Free vs. “free”,  the origin of the slang phrases “Word” and “Word to your mother”, and how 3% of the population determines the outcome of every election. Then we hear a short interview with Kofi, of African Youth Peace Call, a libertarian activism org in Ghana, Africa.

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Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi talk about Ron Paul, Timothy Leary and Paul Bonneau. They show how all gun-grabbers are really pro-gun: they want the government to use its guns to enforce anti-gun laws and other nanny laws. They discuss Gary Johnson, Rand Paul, Naomi Wolf, Jacob’s Ladder, the Redneck Manifesto, the history of white slaves in America, current soft slavery in America, how the Federal Government Rules Marijuana Has No Accepted Medical Purpose yet owns the patent on the same, how it’s illegal in Casper, Wyoming to be drunk in your home, The Pixies, LoudQuietLoud, Eugenics in America, and immoral medical experimentation in America, Enemies of the People: The Khmer Rouge, Hip Hop from Ghana, Chautauqua tea, Man Self Immolates in Protest of Courts, Federal Government and the Death of The Rule of Law, the film The Dry Land, Mousegun power, Africa Youth Peace Call in Ghana, and how you can help spread liberty in Africa for just pennies a day.

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Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi talk about how the New Jersey Libertarian Party is showing their Guns and Weed movie on private libertarian property, they talk about The Recovery Industrial Complex, The CSI effect, Casey Anthony hoopala and why she’s NOT the new OJ, and what Keith Emerson, DJ Logic, Money Mark, Master Mike and DJ Spooky have in common. Then they review the movies Moog, The Story of Anvil and Frontline’s College, Inc. They talk about cheap beer, recurring dreams where bullets don’t wound or kill, nanny ladies who love to play in poop, Devin the Dude live, the tyranny of HOAs, the book After You Shoot: Your Gun’s Hot, The Perp’s Not, the lack of magic words in law (including “Dubalcaine”), Erik Scott getting shot by Vegas cops for legal concealed carry, Plaxico Burress and rapper T.I. pussing out for the Brady Campaign, how the ATF acting director may resign over Fast and Furious program, and the White House taking ‘seriously’ Al Qaeda’s eying of America’s “Gun Show Loophole”, and why this may be a false-flag operation.


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