Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi talk about how the New Jersey Libertarian Party is showing their Guns and Weed movie on private libertarian property, they talk about The Recovery Industrial Complex, The CSI effect, Casey Anthony hoopala and why she’s NOT the new OJ, and what Keith Emerson, DJ Logic, Money Mark, Master Mike and DJ Spooky have in common. Then they review the movies Moog, The Story of Anvil and Frontline’s College, Inc. They talk about cheap beer, recurring dreams where bullets don’t wound or kill, nanny ladies who love to play in poop, Devin the Dude live, the tyranny of HOAs, the book After You Shoot: Your Gun’s Hot, The Perp’s Not, the lack of magic words in law (including “Dubalcaine”), Erik Scott getting shot by Vegas cops for legal concealed carry, Plaxico Burress and rapper T.I. pussing out for the Brady Campaign, how the ATF acting director may resign over Fast and Furious program, and the White House taking ‘seriously’ Al Qaeda’s eying of America’s “Gun Show Loophole”, and why this may be a false-flag operation.


Turn your cash into liberty!


  1. Also, none of “Guns and Weed” was filmed in Utah. The gun parts were filmed in Wyoming and the weed parts were filmed in Colorado.

    And it’s NOT like NYC in the late 70s. There is no break dancing, disco or serial killers in the film!

  2. So I watched for 4 minutes… it seems like UTAH is NYC, except back in the late 70s. This is “Guns and Weed Under The Stars”? FEH!

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