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Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi decide that tax-eater nanny ‘crats and goons are a separate species called HOMO PARASITIS. Michael and Neema also discuss confiscation, Hippies huffing paint and shooting at dynamite with rifles on their porch swing in Adam-12, “Michigan militia acquitted article” on CNN, Van Jones is retarded, THE CIVIC RELIGION, the poverty draft, HUNGER GAMES REVIEW, tax protesters who pay part of their taxes, but withhold the percentage that’s spent on the military, and Vermont inmates hide pig in official police car decal.

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  1.    Cooler than the flip side of the pillow eh, so Neema does this mean that you are as cool as Billy Dee Williams?

       I also wanted to say that I saw atlas shrugged part one and I enjoyed it although I would not call it a lib-par movie for a number of reasons. I did not go see it in theaters because all the reviews I heard were horrible. They described it as being like an even more boring version of star wars episodes 1 and 2. After having seen it though I realized that those critics completely missed the message of the movie. The best way I can sum it up is that they were like fish not understanding what it is like to be wet. They were so indoctrinated into the religion of statism that they couldn’t understand a thing that was happening.

        Personally I think the best statement about that story, which can also be applied to 1984 is, “atlas shrugged wasn’t intended to be a how to manual!”

        Oh, and I also wanted to recommend a movie called Sky Fighters, it’s the most anti statist military movie I have ever seen that was made with military cooperation I wrote a review of the movie act of valor for yeahitsthatbad.com where I commented about how when the military gets script approval they tend to monkey with things. That the military is always the good guys in these movies goes without saying, but where things get weird is that the bad guys in these movies become strange, nebulous and borderline invincible inhuman creatures. But one of the major points of this movie is that in order to satiate the appetites of the military industrial complex it has to be turned on it’s own citizens every now and then. As I was saying to my neighbor yesterday, “whats the point of having all this expensive kill-power if you can’t use it now and then.”

       It also contains some of the most beautiful flying sequences I have ever seen, I could email a YouTube link, I might even be able to leave it here, really letting my cyber-luddite status show eh?       

  2. Blades of Grass is great. Ed Norton is great. Why does Hollywood make everyone into a progressive pussy? It’s something in the water. That’s why I didn’t become full-on anarchist until I left.


    1. Yeah, i had no idea about the Van Jones crap. I tend to ignore “Actorvism” but ever since i saw American History X and Fight Club I’ve been a sucker for Norton. When you put two of them in one movie with weed and crossbows…I’m In.

      Me and Eddie actually talked about him for a minute while recording lastnight. We where also talking about that “Don’t Troll Me” Bill.

  3. Edward Norton is the shit. I don’t care what ya’ll say. But I’m saying this as in his acting. Have you seen ‘Blades of Grass’?

    Good stuff David Crowe!

  4. Michael, I would like to send you a piece of music I composed with my acoustic and electric guitar. I would like your criticism of it. It is only 1:47 long. Would you listen to it for me and tell me what you think? I know it is not the kind of music you dig but I would respect what you say. Where could I email it to you? My email is notavoter@yahoo.com

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