Can True Libertarians Be Patriotic?


internet censorship in america

Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi strap on their ribbon microphones and record what is seriously the best-sounding podcast episode, ever.  They answer the question ” Can Libertarians Be Patriotic?”, then talk about Loyalty Day, CIA wireless networks, BDSM, “Who would take care of the roads in the absence of a government“, an Ex-NRA Spokesman Creates New Gun Group that Supports Legalizing Pot, conspiracy theories, treating statism as a disease like alcoholism, Entourage vs. Lawrence of Arabia, and then they make some real strides forward in finding hope for liberty people in a seemingly hopeless world.

Turn your cash into liberty!

0 thoughts on “Can True Libertarians Be Patriotic?”

  1. Love the podcast guys. I came here after hearing your interview with Stefan. Very well done interview guys!

  2. Good work this week but as soon as you said the words battle rifle that was a dead giveaway, that word isn’t used too much even in the gun world.

    And I can’t freaking stand Juggaloes, there is a huge colony of them where I live.

  3. You could give the unnameble one a nickname he wouldn’t clue into.
    Call him maybe, “Libertaria’s Uncle Ruckus”.

    You already have your own Stinkmeaner in the form of Cliff Kincaid.

    On the issue of saluting the flag, I’d do it, but only if you could use
    the original Bellamy Salute, these days it would actually be very appropriate.

  4. “At least you weren’t watching Jersey Shore.”

    That is very easily one of the greatest things Neema has ever said.

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