The Longer Pot’s Illegal, The More Anarchists There Will Be

Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi get high on TCP-IP and spread the wonder of the Feens, live. They talk about the Olympics and why anarchists are irked by it, Adam Vs. The Man and Adam Kokesh’s dumb wrong ideas about kink, why cops push to have you prosecuted even when they KNOW they’re wrong, fishing and liberty, the joys of Eddie Free, Ben Quaker and why liberty probably will NOT happen in our lifetimes, Obama’s anti-gun statement about “only soldiers should have AK-47s, having fun with your family, how square government-produced videos are, and CATS!

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Everything Was An Inside Job

Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi talk about how no one saw the Colorado theater shooter’s face so maybe they made James Holmes a patsy, a la Oswald. They discuss MKULTRA, Project Artichoke, Operation Dormouse (starring Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld), CIA mind control, the question of was the unabomber a participant in CIA mind-control experiments at college?, the bewildering passivity of a whole theater full of victims, a really good documentary about sampling, how the government didn’t invent the internet private industry and individuals did, US marines creating “Law Enforcement Battalions”, Bloomberg would like to see police go on strike until more gun control exists, Armed Churchgoer stops rampage shooting- Aurora, Colorado, DJ’s postal inspector gun story from Dictaphone, and the beauty of the Mother of All Demos.

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Downloading Movies Could Save Your Life

Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi take calls and talk about the possibility of the Aurora theater shooting being a Manchurian-Candidate type false-flag event, ButtCasting, an interview with Daniel Noethen the creator of the streaming software BUTT (“broadcast with this tool”), Cornell University Cooperative Extension, William S. Burroughs, Shovel ready lies, Cops murder way more people than any other demographic, Texas “no gun” signs, Blag from the Dwarves and his square silly state worship, the word “hipster” dates back to around 1935 or 1940, “Police say the attack is not tied to terrorism” (Really? I think it fits the very description of terrorism, something intended to produce mass terror.)

Neema had some audio problems on this episode, he fixed them for the last segment, and it won’t happen again.

More on BUTT, with audio examples.

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How to Set Up Your Own Streaming Server with BUTT (live proof-of-concept episode)

Michael W. Dean does a proof-of-concept live cast with callers using the Feens streaming server and a freeware utility called BUTT (Broadcast Using This Tool.)

Basically, you set up a streaming server (200 bucks a year) with VosCast, download BUTT, (free), install BUTT, set up BUTT with the server info (click on “Settings” then “ADD” to add server and password) from your VosCast welcome e-mail (pick the Shoutcast option in BUTT, NOT Icecast). Then log into VosCast’s website and turn off Auto DJ if you have it turned on. Then launch BUTT by clicking on the right-pointing arrow. If you have a mic or mic and mixer correctly hooked up to the computer, you should be live. Listeners may have to hit “refresh” on their end. There will be a delay of between 5 and 30 seconds, so you and your callers should turn off your streaming link and not listen while broadcasting or you’ll get echo-feedback.

More extensive BUTT configuration info is HERE.

You can record in BUTT by clicking on the red record button. (I recorded via Mumble. And took calls via a Skype number (six dollars a month.) If you want to have a second host who is in a different location, you could do that via Mumble.

(It plays our random stream of previous episodes when we’re not broadcasting live. When we are broadcasting, again, you’ll need to turn your computer audio down while you’re on the air calling in.)



(BUTT is created by Daniel Noethen and his BUTT website is here if you want to donate. The Feens sent him 9 Euros …which is about $11.25). And, check out our interview with the creator of BUTT, at the start of this episode.


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You Can’t Vote Power Into Giving Up Power

Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi are joined by Neema’s brother Frank Vedadi and they talk about Misdemeanor Murder, Ecto Gammat, The Fifth Element, microphone placement, dealing with sibilance and plosives, what’s wrong with patriotism and with Sovereign Citizens, how the guy who wrote the song Led Zeppelin ripped off as “Dazed and Confused” also came up with the “be all you can be” slogan for US Army, and of course BEEF FEST!,

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BEEF FEST! – a New Alternative to PorcFest

Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi take calls on Feens live and discuss dildos, drones and BEEF FEST! – the new alternative to PorcFest that proves that “conflict is the essence of drama.” At Beef Fest, you’ll get to see pod-beef panel discussions with your favorite liberty activists and media personalities screaming at each other and maybe even throwing punches and shoes! There will also be a “dunk a statist” tent, and a “minarchist vs. anarchist steel cage death match.” There might even be a duel!

Tickets For 2013 Beef Fest on sale now!

Michael and Neema also discuss kink, BDSM, “bitch, get me a sandwich!”, Bob Dylan, the Jerry Stiller movie “The Independent”, the 1976 movie “Network”, “No Direction Home”, Jordanian parliment member throws shoe, pulls gun on critic on live TV, Brush Fires of the Mind, Preacher with a gun, and the Drone Expo.

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But Without The Government, Who Would Drone the Children?

Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi talk about why choosing your nationality should be as easy as choosing your phone company, how to not get electrocuted in your home studio, how Bush/Obama’s drone program is the realization of Reagan’s “Star Wars” Strategic Defense Initiative, and the great films: Special, (with Michael Rappaport), DMT: The Spirit Molecule (narrated by Joe Rogen) and HBO’s Cinéma Vérité. They yack about how as murder rate climbs, Chicago mayor makes ‘values’ appeal, they discuss a funny name for what we are: “no-government men” = 1800’s self-description for early voluntaryists, a great satirical 50s-style educational film on drones, the US Bureau of Terrifying Technology, LZ Granderson, Statist of the Year, writes Don’t be nosy about Fast and Furious – CNN.comgay marriage, and “Stop stand-up urination for men, Swedish politicians urge.”

“But Without The Government, Who Would Drone the Children?” sarcasm-at-statists concept by Randall Perry.

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Hug a Leftie Anarchist Day

Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi are joined by Justin from Montana for a pod extravaganza where they discuss drones, internet security, model airplanes, drug cartels and the governments who create them, anarchy, liberty, where the world is and where it’s going, then give away a one-month VPN account from the wonderful BolehVPN. Michael, Neema and Justin also talk about how everyone should go out and hug a leftie anarchist.

(Photo above is Michael W. Dean playing mandolin in 1989 at a leftie anarchist convention in San Francisco.)

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The Triumphant Return of Mr. Neema Vedadi

Neema Vedadi returns from his pilgrimage through the desert and lands in Texas. He yacks with Michael W. Dean about that and many other fun topics of liberty, anarchy, beef production, microphone tips and tricks, guns, laws, and a national parks.

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Link to download scan bar for Guns and Weed – The Road To Freedom:

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By popular demand, here is a short between-episodes cast while Neema gets settled in Texas. This is the discussion between Marc Stevens and Michael W. Dean on Free Talk Live, edited without the first and third hours of unrelated stuff, and without the ads.

Regarding this beef: our office now considers the matter closed.

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