In Soviet Russia, Drug Consumes YOU!

(This episode replaces the messed up one “Obedience to Law is Liberty”, which was only up for three hours. If you downloaded that one, please delete and download this one instead. Thank you! If you have that one and don’t delete it, it will be a collector’s item worth many BitCoin one day.)

Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi talk about cop standoffs with drug warrants, the issue with RetroShare sharing ALL folders by default (and problems it may cause with your whole system!), how slavery could have ended without the Civil War, the Bonus Army, New Jack City, BitTorrent seeders needed, The Vermont Republic, Aqua regia, Reggie Watts “Fuck Shit Stack”, PeerBlock, The Design Trilogy, US and Israel may be going to war with Iran to boost presidential ratings, and much much more.

Then we hear a new song from Neema called “Not no Krokodil.”

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BitTorrent seeders needed.

Download free Michael’s semi-autobiographical sex, drugs and god novel from the year 2000 (Michael’s first book!), Starving in the Company of Beautiful Women!


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8 thoughts on “In Soviet Russia, Drug Consumes YOU!”

  1. Well then you must have a heck of a lot more tolerance to torture than I do.

    Speaking of which, when you brought up the subject of website design I was talking about that with a neighbor who has been missing for a couple of months. One of the things I mentioned to him was that I was looking for something on the official Iranian air force website, it was clunky and unusable. I made a comment about Neema’s father talking about if he were to visit Iran they would likely throw him in the army. After awhile I get the image of him being forced at gunpoint to redesign the IAF website.

  2. I saw that documentary about helvitica, it was the most boring thing I have ever seen, I would rather drink freon than be forced to watch that again!

  3. Thanks for the explanation on the Vapor Smiths issue.

    As an ex-smoker who likes an occasional vape, and who’s wife is an ex-smoker who now is only
    vaping………I have looked at Vapor Smiths, only after hearing a lot of advertising for them on different liberty oriented shows.

    Then I hear one advertiser for them saying one thing but seemingly doing something all together different…………well it raises questions in the thinking mind about both parties involved. So thanks for clearing that up.

    In our experience, Awesome Vapor has always provided awesome service.

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