Obama’s Feet Stink (new Freedom Feens rap song with Rich Black)

So instead of the usual Feens Tuesday episode, today we have a special treat. The master recording, for free (!), of the new Feens hip-hop song with Rich Black, “Obama’s Feet Stink.” Rich Black provided his vocals, but is not in the video, because he lives in New Jersey and Hurricane Sandy hit there last night and cut off his power just as he was uploading his video. (He let us know via iPhone.) This collaboration is a dope track, has great rapping (and fun dancing!) from Neema, the best mix Neema’s ever done, and we are really proud of it. The song is about how there’s no difference between Obama and Romney, how voting is stupid, and how OBAMA’S FEET STINK!

PLEASE SHARE THE VIDEO, WE ARE TRYING TO GET THIS ONE TO GO VIRAL before the election! (We’re gonna need all the help we can get, with much of the Eastern Seaboard of the US without power.)

Video link:


CREDITS: RICH BLACK (Andre Anarcho-Capitalist Palm, a.k.a MC Fuck You, a.k.a Silver Stax):  Words, rapping, beat.
MC LIE-BARRY  (Neema Vedadi, a.k.a. MC Choreboy, a.k.a. NeemaV): rapping, beat, words, mixing. mastering.
DJ CONIACAL THE SCRIBE (MC Micromanage, a.k.a Michael W. Dean): Guitar, bass, background vocals on chorus, words, video editing.
Thanks to Jessica Romanowski-Vedadi for the camerawork on Neema.

Label: Angry Peasant Records.

Links: Rich Black‘s YouTube. Mc Lie-Barry and DJ Conical the Scribe’s Freedom Feens Podcast.


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Billy, if they love the State, they’re not really your friends (LRN Feens Live Archive)

Michael and Neema talk about dealing with statist friends. They also discuss audio tips, how to sound better when calling a call-in show, producing rap music while you’re doing a show, will New Jersey be destroyed in the upcoming hurricane?, the first mainstream porn movie, Emmanuelle; asking people’s mothers what kind of porn they like, the Feens have a production meeting on the show for “Obama’s Feet Stink”, “Do the Stink Foot”, Kenn Blanchard (“Black Man With A Gun”) on Al Sharpton’s show, Neema’s sand fro, differences in races, Krok Hunter: a first-person dope-shooter game, Michael’s NADY SP-4C Dynamic Microphone, Panzer Force, Homefront, Red Dead Redemption, and why aren’t there any truly libertarian video games?

Top photo: Michael’s low-budget mic and preamp used on this cast. Middle photo: Neema’s setup on this cast. Bottom photo: Cities with visitors to this website in the past month (does not include direct MP3 subscribed downloads, just website visitors).

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Things My Dad Says

^Michael and his Dad in Cheyenne, Oct 22, 2012.

Michael Dean gets a visit from his groovy 91-year old Dad, Jack. Jack talks with Michael and Neema about the silver standard, growing up as a depression farm boy drinking raw milk and shooting guns, that skunk FDR, all about starting businesses, helping neighbors in the good ole days, how government regulation has negatively affected business, Dean ancestors who were freedom fighters and government workers and archbishops, why he wants to vote for Ron Paul, why Obama’s feet stink, and where America is headed.

^Jack podcasts.

^Michael’s Dad’s Mother’s brother (Michael’s great uncle), Harry Vidal in 1930.

^Dad’s target from yesterday. His age: 91. Outdoor temp: 29 degrees. Caliber: .22. Distance: 25 yards. First time he’d used a scoped rifle in many decades. High shots were before I told him to adjust for my zero. On-target shots are after that.

This is an archive of The Freedom Feens Agenda live call-in show, on Adam Curry’s network, No Agenda Global Radio.

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DJ Coniacal and MC Lie-Berry Filling in for DJ Silencer and MC Choreboy

Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi talk about why Derrick J should say “Bad touch! Bad Touch!” to cops, why statism is rampant and most citizens are violent in their heart of hearts, why libertarians are not delusional and why statists are living in an absolute fantasy world, how the president turned the sleepy town of Manchester, NH into Nazi Germany for a day, how Glenn Greenwald is one of the few liberals remaining who is anti-war and anti-violation of civil liberties, and more on krokodil and the sexy sexy ladies who are actually men.

Check out the very cryptic and scary Facebook page: Data Compilation Requests.

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Macho Libertarian Flash with the Freedom Feens (LRN Feens Live Archive)

The Freedom Feens take it WAY too far into shit no one wants to hear about: junkie hookers, trannies and shooting Krokodil, and why school kids should be able to buy crack and automatic weapons from vending machines, as long as the vending machines are privately owned and operated.

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Voting is for Suckers!

30 Rock’s “If you see anything, do everything!”, pod pee, Parcs And Rec, Who will build the roads? Ron Swanson will build the roads!, Feeding trolls as art, and why voting is for suckers.

This is an archive of The Freedom Feens Agenda live call-in show, on Adam Curry’s network, No Agenda Global Radio.


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Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi explain why Michael wants Romeny to win even though Romney is as horrible as Obama. They talk about Feen haters, explain their new news submission link, explain their new torrent archive link, tell you why we need more media about the non-aggression principle, the good movie Apollo 18, the Thiel Fellowship, Roads Scholar statists, and explain the irony of statists wanting to use the First Amendment to try to outlaw the First Amendment.

Check out http://teodesian.net/

Also: Vigilante statists declare open season on anarchists:

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Feens Live from Libertopia (LRN Feens Live Archive)

Freedom Feens live from Libertopia, with “man on the street” interviews done by Drew Phillips of donttreadonmeme.com

(Drew pictured above AT Libertopia, wearing Freedom Feens buttons).

Short interviews with: Jonathan Logan, Ross Edwards, Frank Braun, Jeff Lim, George Sand from Cop Block, Ernie Hancock from Freedom’s Phoenix, Foster Gamble from Thrive Movement, Jillian Batty from Stateless Sweets.

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Without Adam Curry, We’d be Standing on the Corner Screaming at Strangers

Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi talk about the importance of podcasting (which was co-invented by Adam Curry), 30 Rock, the Shineheart Wig Company, how General Electric IS the Military-Industrial Complex, program vampires, and then they tell liberty activists: “GET A FUCKING JOB!” and “How are you going to show how to forge a new economy when you’re supporting yourself by begging?” They ponder U.S. military aims to prevent suicides by taking soldiers private guns away from them, James Bond now has a “smart gun”, The problems with smart guns, and a proposed “Violence TAX” on gun buyers.

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It’s Not My Fault, a Lot of People Are Wrong

Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi talk about how they are NOT on board with cyber-begging agorists, voluntaryists, libertarians and anarchists who say “this project lives and dies with your donations!” and shit like that. They talk about how if you’re fashioning a new economy, it’s very important to be self-sufficient, and not be a “scene vampire.” Then they discuss GUITAR-GOD Dick Dale, surf guitar, Dead Kennedys, Eddie Van Halen, “Skeet skeet skeet, who will build the loads?”, a new possible I.P. horror, how I.P. is the dinosaur thrashing in the tar pits – and it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better, Wyoming super-lawyer Gerry Spence, the wonders of Cody Wilson getting even more attention, why Alex Jones interrupted the Feens live on air, using Levelator to correct bad audio levels in podcasts, improving BUTT, how you’re nobody until someone wants to censor you, and someone is trying to censor The Freedom Feens, and how the War on Drugs violates the Third Amendment by permanently quartering soldiers in our neighborhoods at our expense.

Note: click above “Not on board” image for large high-rez Freedom Feens art that is printable and can be made into t-shirts, stickers, buttons and such. Go for it! Released Creative Commons Attribution 3.0. Art by Feen Fan R. Dow

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