Ignorance is No Excuse for the Law

Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi deal with horrible technical problems that are not on their end, finally give up trying to be live and just do a show for the sake of doing a show, because the show must go on. They talk about how the cop who warmed hearts giving boots to a barefoot bum probably beat up an OWS kid and stole the boots. We hear about the difference between  Malum prohibitum and Malum in se laws, read and comment on user show prep, and take a call from a liberty guy in Iran. The Feens discuss how the UN is pushing back against marijuana legalization because the UN is SQUARE, and how a State Senator redundantly proposed dissolving city of Detroit.


Update: The Feens quit No Agenda Global Radio last night. Too many technical issues. We’re going to start doing our Thursday live show on the Feens streaming link, not sure yet what time, but will announce.

Here’s a kitty pic to cheer you up after listening to this episode:

This is an archive of The Freedom Feens Agenda live call-in show, on Adam Curry’s network, No Agenda Global Radio.

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So, this is so cool….Sean our Torrent guy and I have set up a torrent feed for all Freedom Feens episodes, Anarchy Gumbo episodes and movies. AND, you’ll get new things before everyone else who isn’t using the torrent link!

It works automatically, it’s completely legal (for now), and seeding will get you on the Golden Floppy Disc of Redemption by helping make the Feens’ media drone proof when it BECOMES illegal, which could be any day now, the way the Central Scrutinizer is stepping up its tyranny. Seed if you want, but at least have them. So if we get droned, or the site gets CISPAed, you can turn the torrents back on and start sharing.

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Jesus Was a Terrorist

Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi talk about how Jesus would be droned today, the US Federal Government seizing a bunch of websites they don’t like, The UN’s secret treaties to take over the Internet, how the band Dead Kennedy’s nailed it correctly 33 years ago predicting every bit of tyranny happening now (and how most of their fans probably voted for it), the rapper Killer Mike dishing Democrats and Republicans as warmongering tyrants, the square-ass Motion Picture Production Code and how it still survives somewhat today in a way, Chuck Berry and poo, Taylor Hackford, and the wonder of dynamic microphones and the Butthole Surfers.


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Teaching the Slaves to Read (LRN Feens Live Archive)

Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi grease up their liberty sticks and shove mad science into all your holes. They talk about how doing liberty media is teaching the slaves to read, teaching how to make liberty media is teaching the slaves to run a printing press, Last Exit to Brooklyn‘s depictions of people shooting speed with tranny hookers, the AMC show Hell on Wheels and whether or not it depicts LibPar (libertarian paradise), the power of words: “market” vs. “free market”, “Freedom Feen” vs. “anarchist” or “libertarian”, why the Feens use Creative Commons, the TSA’s war on steampunk art, and how government guns are always messing with taxi drivers and perverting and Soviet-izing the market.

“Whoever dies with their art the most hard drives, wins…..if that art promotes liberty.” –Michael Dean

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Linux, Guns, Porn, and Microphones Oh My!

Michael W. Dean spends Thanksgiving being absolutely devoted to proving that “the show must go on.” Chandler St. Pierre substitutes for Neema Vedadi (who is with family) as co-host. Chandler and Michael talk about microphones and audio tips, Mumble, Linux, guns, printable guns and the people who hate them, open carry of guns, concealed carry permits, hunting, punk rock, why Michael hates holidays and doesn’t celebrate them, and a bunch of other cool stuff. Then Nikki calls in and she talks about relationships and porn. A good time is had by all!

This is an archive of The Freedom Feens Agenda live call-in show, on Adam Curry’s network, No Agenda Global Radio.

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Die Feen!

WOULD “FREEDOM FEEN” BE A BETTER PHRASE THAN “ANARCHIST” OR “LIBERTARIAN”? Does your government want to kill and/or jail the Freedom Feens (and you!) for free speech, or do they “just” want to be able to read everything you do without a warrant, “for your own good”? Is Obama spying on his followers? Does Senator Patrick Leahy want to sniff through your Internet panties and love notes to your wife? Does the San Francisco government want to charge you money to be naked? What are political atheists? Did Feens senior Islamic Correspondent Will Coley school Muslim critic Jack Burkman? When will the main US political argument be anarchist vs. minarchist instead of Democrat vs. Republican?

Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi address all these questions and more, and Michael does it with a luxurious Shure Beta 57A microphone. MEW!

Flag surveillance image by Will Varner.

Ed and Ethan podcast (recommended in this episode) is here.

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Statheism: Who Needs An Invisible God When You’ve Got One You Can See In The White House? (LRN Feens Live Archive)

Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi talk about Statheists, arguing with hardcore statist idiots and why rock stars like Neema shouldn’t stoop that low (and The Oatmeal’s accurate depiction on all that), the Shure beta 57A (Michael Dean and Ben Stone’s new pod mic) and statists’ reaction to Michael’s politically charged microphone review (reactions are here and here), how statism is like alcoholism and helping statists recover is like helping alcoholics recover, how good music is like how the roads would work in anarchy, anarchist musicians, Ben Stone of Bad Quaker podcast ROCKS!, left anarchists saying “That Anarchy Gumbo one is definitely an anarcho-capitalist podcast (and potentially conspiracy theorist to boot?)“, the Queen Victoria statue in Yemen, and Barbara Bush Tells People To Get Over Obama’s Reelection (“same lizard, different head”, lol.)

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Message to the Voting Squirrels

The Freedom Feens talk about secession, lawmaker asks to be paid in gold, the irony of Statheists, Michael’s new Shure BETA 57A Instrument Microphone, dealing with statists, wondering if the Whitehouse website petitions for secession were started by the Whitehouse as a false flag to see who would sign, and to show “Look at these crazy people! We must DO something!”? Seems like something someone there would do….most likely Cass Sunstein, Ron Paul comes out as an anarchist, cryptoglyph on Reddit says Ron Paul’s speech was a more intellectual paraphrasing of Davy Crockett’s, “You may all go to hell, and I will go to Texas”, and finally,  Congress is like monkeys typing, and monkeys typing do NOT produce the great works.

Gear mentioned: Art Tube Pre-Amp USB audio interface. Neema’s 17 dollar good NADY SP-4C microphone. Michael’s great $130 Shure BETA 57A Instrument Microphone. (Below):

This is an archive of The Freedom Feens Agenda live call-in show, on Adam Curry’s network, No Agenda Global Radio.

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Doing Nothing Is Better Than Doing Evil

Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi talk about how the Federal Reserve promises they’re keeping “our” gold safe, Obama’s bug-out bag, Dick Cheney’s dick, Obama executive order just before Hurricane Sandy puts all state and local police in hands of FEMA during a disaster, cool pro-DDT documentary 3 Billion and Counting, Debbie Gibson, Sci-Fi Channel, Peaceful Streets Project, watching cops, Cracker’s song “Low“, and David Lowery being an i.p. nazi, slang words for guns, Kurt Cobain liked Michael’s old band Bomb, Obama stimulates economy in gun sales – Maybe he owns stock in the gun companies, who in Westfield NY is a Feen fan?, will people in Washington and Colorado in prison for pot be freed?, TSA is unionizing, how Jullian Assange says “Reelected Obama is a wolf in sheep’s clothing“, U.N.’s World Health Organization Eyeing Global Tax on Banking, Internet Activity, Obama’s possible plan to jail everyone who votes Republican so he can have a third term, and how Natalie Merchant is anti-littering as well as anti-gun. We also hear Michael’s song “I loved you then I died” from 1987 with Bomb, and his 1983 song Drone from the band “Michael” a.k.a. “The Day I Lost My Virginity.”

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More Feen for the Statist Soul (LRN Feens Live Archive)

Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi talk about “taking a liberty movement” (which frees up bowel space to be on a liberty mission), how “Prohibition is a child’s view of morality”, Tyranny and Mutation, Blue Oyster Cult, no guns on Sunday, Executioner’s Song, Gary Gilmore, the galaxy of libertarian hyphens, News You Can Fear, the Republican centrist evil of Milton Freedman, Applebees and the idiots who love Obama like a god, idiot Boehner Tells House G.O.P. To Fall in Line, Ron Paul is slowly coming out as an anarchist, “Nice story, but I don’t hear my name in it”, 30 Rock, Xubuntu Gnu/Linux, Janet Napalatano is about to become attorney general. Hilary is out. Timothy Geithner is out. Who knows who even worse will replace them? Petraeus quits a CIA chief, “because of an affair that ended over a year ago, but just before he is to testify about Benghazi”, Abraham Lincoln hated black people, politically correct zombies, why modern advertising sux, and the freedom fix of the great documentary Art & Copy.
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