Teaching the Slaves to Read (LRN Feens Live Archive)


Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi grease up their liberty sticks and shove mad science into all your holes. They talk about how doing liberty media is teaching the slaves to read, teaching how to make liberty media is teaching the slaves to run a printing press, Last Exit to Brooklyn‘s depictions of people shooting speed with tranny hookers, the AMC show Hell on Wheels and whether or not it depicts LibPar (libertarian paradise), the power of words: “market” vs. “free market”, “Freedom Feen” vs. “anarchist” or “libertarian”, why the Feens use Creative Commons, the TSA’s war on steampunk art, and how government guns are always messing with taxi drivers and perverting and Soviet-izing the market.

“Whoever dies with their art the most hard drives, wins…..if that art promotes liberty.” –Michael Dean

Turn your cash into liberty!

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  1. You mentioned city of Austin in this podcast. Do one of you live in Austin? I moved here earlier this year and have been looking for libertarian/AnCap people to meet up with.

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