Merry Grinchmas Freedom Feens radio ad



Here’s a short grinchy holiday ad for the Feens. Feel free to use anywhere (there’s a WAV file link at the bottom if you’d prefer that to MP3, it sounds better.)

Ad copy:

Admit it. You hate shopping for Christmas. You do. It’s a hassle coupled with a burden, mechanically checking off friends, relatives and co-workers from your list. You’re probably not even religious, but if you are, is buying your cousin some little made-in-China piece of plastic really celebrating the birth of your savior?

This holiday season, why buy gifts for friends and relatives? Most of them are statists anyway. You should send that money to the Freedom Feens instead. The Freedom Feens will use your money to spread education of horizontal liberation, throughout the world. If you want to help provide inoculation from indoctrination, go to Freedom Feens dot com and click on the spinning coin on any post to send your money to the Feens instead. Because buying crap for unappreciative statists relatives won’t get your name on the Golden Floppy Disc of Redemption.

And if you MUST shop for Christmas, please do it through the Freedom Feens Amazon link, over on the right side of Freedom Feens dot com. It won’t cost you any extra, and Amazon will save you the danger of the holiday drive-by-stabbings at your local mall.

Amazon sells pretty much everything you can buy on this earth, except for guns and weed. But they do sell the DVD “Guns and Weed the Road To Freedom”, so get that for your gun-hating stoner brother or neo-con gun nut dad. They’ll thank you for it. That’s Freedom Feens dot com.

WAV file is here.

Turn your cash into liberty!

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