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Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi talk about how after the gub’mint comes for your guns, they’re coming for your microphones. They call Ben Quaker (The Feens are, for a day, a call-out show, not a call-in show), discuss how the DEA set up a fake Guns and Weed store, the movie “The Revisionaries”: Texas schoolbook battle — crazier than you thought!, Minnesota bans online learning, finally changes “mind”, and a REALLY insulting, statist review of “Guns and Weed” movie. They also take a great call from Iran, and wonder if that gets they on the no-fly list.

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An Introduction to Liberty, and to The Freedom Feens


Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi do a nice-sounding double ender and take time to carefully explain core concepts like the Non-Aggression Principle, The State, Statists, the gun under the pile of papers that is each nanny law, and “squares.” Then they tell you how to actually build the roads, or at least how to educate the children better than the State does with stolen money.

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How Many Cops Does It Take To Make Neema Change a Light Bulb? (LRN radio archive)


Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi do live call-in radio on LRN and talk about cops wasting your time, how the government might want to kill you, Arkancide, Alex Jones with Cody Wilson on printable guns, NPR’s lobotomy-sounding hosts, the tube-industrial complex, Michael on Changing the Tube on an ART MP USB Tube Preamp, cats must flow, chickens in town, how LibPar would be noisier than things are now – but still much better, the new Feens header banner (by Feen fan Matt Sprinkle at Flathead Media), Michael paraphrased on CSI, Austin pub crawler bike, drinking and droning, how the Descendents invented the Orange County punk sound, NYPD places full body gun scanners on the streets, the icky people who want you dead if you don’t love the government, and why Democrats and Republicans are POOPLICATED!

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Lawmakers Are Law Breakers


Michael Dean and Neema Vedadi explain how gun control is legal insurrection by nanny goons, they talk about Brother Nathanael, Israel-friendly US gun grabbers, the nanny-org Stop Concealed Carry, the horror of firearms owners compared to Nazis, cats are pocket pumas, the majesty of Michael’s Euro tour pix, Michael’s state-o COMREX Access CODEC COMPLAINT, SLC punk, not a good movie, video of Boston at Porcfest (great content, and good audio, but the porcs should put a mic condom on those SM58 mics to minimize plosive sounds, i.e. popping), and Utah sheriffs warn Obama of deadly war over guns.


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Radio Is the Mancave Taken Worldwide


Neema Vedadi and Michael W. Dean avoid talking about Obama’s coronation as much as possible. They chat about how radio is the man cave (or woman cave) taken worldwide, ham radio in the 70s, trying not to break all the laws out there, Lupe Fiasco removed from stage following comments at Obama inauguration show, Santa cannot be pooplicated, arapist, silly graffiti, how and why Michael got off drugs and alcohol, how and why Michael quit being in rock bands, and audio compressor settings for radio.







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Disobeying Bad Laws (LRN live archive)


Michael and Neema celebrate Martin Luther King Day (and Emperor Obama’s coronation) by yacking about gun mag sellers’ responses to ObamaGunCare, the concept of Dane Geld, the Blue Ridge Liberty Project, Obama’s campaign fund is still accepting donations – For WHAT?, NY Mayor Warns Of “Waco-Style Standoff” Over Gun Control Laws, Complyacin ad, CATMUF ad, and Feens friend Cody Wilson on Glenn Beck.

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Obama’s 23 Kicks in the Groin to Honest Gun Owners


Neema Vedadi and Michael W. Dean chat about Obama’s “frog boiling” gun “suggestions” (named “Executive actions”, possibly after the CIA term for killing people), and John Q. the a movie about health care at the point of a gun, which is exactly what the government’s doing. The Feens rap about Michelle Malkin saying Obama was using kids “as human shields” when he announced gun control surrounded by kids. Those conservatives get it right once in a while. The Feens discuss cats, a call from Ben Stone of the Bad Quaker Podcast, The slap-a-hoe tribe, the “fairness doctrine”, a webpage that generates band names from the DHS keyword list, Texas follows Wyoming’s lead with anti-Fed gun laws, and rapper Big Boi On Being A Libertarian And His Feelings On Obama.

Thanks to super-feen Dalton for the title suggestion.

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Just Leave Me Alone



Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi talk about how the Obama administration acts like a stalker husband who won’t let the abused wife (us) leave,  Eric Holder saying “Gun Owners Should ‘Cower’ in Shame Like Smokers“, Oregon men carry rifles in public to make a point, how the SPLC are a bunch of idiots, and the horrible and probably empty threats made on 4chan that mobilized the Natrona County Department of Fear today.

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Is the Government Planning To Kill You? (LRN Feens Live Archive)


Neema V and Michael W. Dean discuss how Claire Wolfe’s blog post doesn’t really say “It’s time!” but it does say that the only way to enforce new gun control is to kill anyone who believes in the US Constitution, how two gun bloggers died in mysterious circumstances this week, how an anti-censorship Internet activist died in mysterious circumstances this week, how the former mayor of Casper died in mysterious circumstances this week, how Wyoming Lawmakers Propose Gun Protection Legislation and it’s a good thing, will there be LibPar or Waco2.0 in Idaho?, and how will any new gun laws play out?

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Politrixters and Babylon


Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi skip talking about politics (for the most part) and have a fascinating discussion where they basically have a conversation with themselves as youngsters talking to themselves now. They enjoy youth-skewing revelations of reaching the world from your bedroom, finding your place in the world, why lingerie is universally loved by men everywhere, and how this relates to the fact that the State is square.

Also check out Michael’s reading of “Letter to a young me.”

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