Patent Trolls, Podcasting, and Is Obama Satan?


Michael and Neema talk about RADIOOOOOOO, address Alex Jones saying “Obama is Satan”, talk about how Ted Nugent is 46% right, patent troll goes after podcasting, the new Feens Comrex has arrived!, Why Patent Trolls Worldwide Love Marshall, Texas, Ted Nelson’s prescient book Computer Lib, Agent Orange wasn’t the only defoliant used in Vietnam war there was a whole rainbow, State destroys 1600 lbs of deer meat donated to shelter, the evils of Diplomatic Immunity, and Neema starts his own state, “Vedadistan.”


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Keep Up The Good Worms


Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi discuss radio syndication, Pastor Plans Toy Gun Buyback Program, Federal court says No Second Amendment guarantee for concealed carry, DHS Contractor “Apologizes” For Selling Shooting Targets of Children, fantasies of Wyoming as a place to be, the UN’s six-strike Internet-crippling plan and how it’s unenforceable, and poor little snitchy feels sad (Police spy sues for mental pain).

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Micronations and Molestations, oh my! (LRN radio archive)


Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi discuss the wonderful book: Micronations: The Lonely Planet Guide to Home-Made Nations, micronations, molestations, tube pre-amp addiction, Creamy Radio Audio, pointing out how dumb Democrats are, pointing out how dumb Republicans are, home grounding problems and market solutions, why Wyoming electricians are better than California electricians, and the bill naming the jackalope as Wyoming’s official mythical critter.

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Feen Drone, Feen Drone


The Feens tell you how not to be a fear monger and rumor spreader when it comes to tyranny media, they talk about audio gear, and have an amazing sound. They imitate a call from bad libertarian Paul Anderson, then actually take a call from bad libertarian Paul Anderson. Michael wonders if Paul Anderson is a sociopath, and Paul Anderson wonders if Stefan Molyneux is a sociopath. The Feens also review the punk rock movie Suburbia and the great documentary on YouTube called Broadcasting’s Forgotten Father, the Charles Herrold Story, which is about the first-ever talk radio host in 1911.


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You sir, are worse than Obama


Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi try out their new improved sound to yack like Spicoli and Butthead about The War on the Limbic War, new drone chetto-eater medal to rank higher than Purple Heart, Michael selling his Art Tube USB pre-amp for 60 dollars, why saying “support the troops” helps gets your guns taken away, and Colorado colleges’ new “barf and pee if you get raped” program (a.k.a. by it’s more Orwellian name, “The RAD system of self-defense“)

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The Tax Man vs. the Pain Monster


Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi talk about the Futurama idea that “The tax man is like a visit to the pain monster”, they take a call from Ben Stone the Bad Quaker about the childish POD BEEF that Paul Anderson is trying to start with his hilarious anti-Bad Quaker site called “Bad Libertarian“, unions and entitlement attitudes turning Detroit into Somalia, Faraday cages, and Bean Weevil penises.

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The Feens INVENTED Cyberbegging in 2002


Happy VD, feens! Feb 14th 2013, Feens talk about how Michael Dean INVENTED cyberbegging in 2002, and why you should DONATE to the Feens now.  They also discuss limbic system, MSM limbic warfare, the Media and the State, why media is edited to hypnotize you and why it sucks and the Feens are better, the Feens are coming to RADIOOOOOOOOOOOO!, will Michael and Neema run out of things to say?, the evils of Information Policy, how Carlos Montoya inspired Michael Dean to be all that he can be, syringe drivers, a rap musical group song from Neema, Ron Paul’s podcast, Dave Grohl’s old band Scream, and how “broadcast” was originally a farming term for spreading seeds.

“D.I.Y. or Die: How to Survive as an Independent Artist”, Directed by Michael W. Dean- DVD ISO torrent here.

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State of the Statists Address


Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi explain why they’re NOT DOWN WITH “UP WITH PEOPLE”, talk about United Nations-Haliburton mind control using pop music, don’t pretend to be the state to be my friend, STRATFOR (which Barron’s once referred to it as “The Shadow CIA”), and their clients, why pirate radio is called “pirate” radio, Ya Boy Pro Tools, radical moderates: “Up With People”‘s 1981 Superbowl halftime lip-sync propaganda performance, the insipid 1971 Coke commercial and song “I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing, the pro-war one-worlder group Moral Re-Armament later called Initiatives of Change, and how Frank Buchman (NOT Buchanan) helped inspire AA then went full-on evil.

Awesome Obama Goon poster by DaleToons.

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The Chair is Against the Wall. The Chair is Against the Wall. (LRN Radio archive)

Chair Against Wall

Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi host The Freedom Feens on Radio Free ‘Merica on LRN and discuss Obama’s disarming of US Marines, freedom fiends, freedom feinds, and then talk with awesome activist Derrick J. about his “Victimless Crime Spree” DVD (buy here), liberty ascots, good-news liberty site Peace News Now, and the real deal on his pay beef with Adam Kokesh.


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By The Time You Finish This Episode, You’ll Have Less Freedom Than When You Started


…And it won’t be our fault!

Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi not only REPORT the tyranny of the day, they also offer solutions, and angles you may not have considered. Ready, Aim… Submit! – Why They Will Take Your Guns From Your Cold Dead Hands (and what CAN you do to be free?), expatriating, Lysander Spooner is rolling over in his grave, Government says all dogs in England must be fitted with microchips by 2016, YOU CAN’T SPELL “STATISTIC” WITHOUT “STATIST”, Matt Mead Wyoming Gov who ran on gun rights is a pussy cat on protecting gun rights, and WHY DOES THE GUN-VERMENT EVEN STILL ALLOW FREE SPEECH?

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