Better Audio Compass Tests

Michael dean with three headphones on, multitasking the night before this test to get ready

Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi do 45 minutes of across-the-Internet tests with the beta of Audio Compass. This time we realized we have to disconnect and reconnect to get the program to take the changes. (Do’h!). We liked the sound of these tests so much we’re making it an actual Feens episode again, because we are a teaching hospital. And it will give you an idea of what we go through to make this the best-sounding cast in the world.

The audio was recorded on a Zoom h2, direct in, normalized after, and some long gaps were cut out, but other than that, it’s exactly as we made it, and it shows you the wonder of how the new and improved Feens will sound.

If you want to skip all the testing and go right to where we finally find the best settings, that starts 38 and 40 seconds minutes in. The settings we finally settled on that worked great for our cable Internet connections, with Neema in Austin and me recording in Casper, Wyoming, are this:

Buffer: 150 ms
Codec: Opus
Sample Rate: 24,000
Bit rate: 32 bit
Quality: Super Wide Band (12 kHz)

Below is a screenshot of our optimum settings:


Peace, love and Worms,

The Freedom Feens


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6 thoughts on “Better Audio Compass Tests”

  1. The show sounds great guys. Really, really great. There’s a cool program called Windows Media Encoder that I used to use for my podcast. Each person would have to stream their end of the conver. to the other person, but the audio quality was flawless and the program was free. Of course it’s no longer offered for free, and has been superseded by a for-pay version of it. It’s a good thing I never deleted the original free version exe. Great stuff again guys, you’re really starting to get some exposure.

  2. That sounded fucking great. I think if I were a raging communist, I’d still listen to you guys because you have fucktastic audio quality.

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