You sir, are worse than Obama



Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi try out their new improved sound to yack like Spicoli and Butthead about The War on the Limbic War, new drone chetto-eater medal to rank higher than Purple Heart, Michael selling his Art Tube USB pre-amp for 60 dollars, why saying “support the troops” helps gets your guns taken away, and Colorado colleges’ new “barf and pee if you get raped” program (a.k.a. by it’s more Orwellian name, “The RAD system of self-defense“)

Turn your cash into liberty!

6 thoughts on “You sir, are worse than Obama”

  1. Various surface to air missiles can be upgraded to take out drones.
    This puppy would be a good start, but might be a tad out of the price range of
    your average 3rd world nation.

    Page 298 give some details on the limitations of drones.

    Drones are extremely vulnerable to any type of sophisticated air defense
    system. They are slow. Even the jet-powered Avenger recently purchased by the
    Air Force only has a top speed of around 460 miles per hour,

    meaning that it cannot
    escape from any manned fighter aircraft, not even the outmoded 1970s-era fighters
    that are still used by a number of nations.

    Not only are drones unable to escape
    manned fighter aircraft, they also cannot hope to successfully fight them.

  2. The F-22 and F-35 fighter planes point out an institutional problem.

    Each new airplane is a bigger crock than the one before it. More cost over runs, more corruption, more fraud, results in a worse pile of crap each time.

    So, where is the tipping point? When will the US be unable to produce successfull weapons of mass murder, because the procurement process is too corrupt to actually DO anything?

    Here’s a hint, they tried to build a replacement for the space shuttle in the 1980s and 1990s and 2000s. After each project dug an enormous financial hole, they were cancelled without producing a single flying machine.

    The military grabbed one cast-off project and whomped it into an Orbital drone. An unmanned mini Shuttle.

    But now, the F-22 and F-35 are riddled with problems and made of laminated fail.

  3. I’m not a military humper.. But there’s a medal for the guys in an air conditioned bunker who play the big video game that kills people? And one considered higher than what one gets for being wounded when he actually had his boots on the ground? Wow.. I bet a lot of people in uniform feel insulted by the current administration.

    Between that and the “barf and pee” defense, it’s getting harder to tell the difference between Onion news and “real” news. And I use the term “real” very loosely.

    Also, there’s a saying I have for getting up really early. I call it “Oh-Fuck-Hundred Hours”.

    1. Scott Horton made a bumper sticker “Hey! Those drones are over there fighting for your FREEDOM!”

      They’re trying to promote the cheeto-eaters to “Real American Heroes” (Yo, Joe)

  4. Drones that can kill fighter planes – haven’t heard anything, yet. The drone the Iranians got ahold of looked like small stealth bomber.

    At some point the technology will gt there, and there will be robot fighter planes to sweep the skies.

  5. This epsiode contained a seriously scary idea. That the military wants to go All-Robot. scary and it sounds true. A robot will never quit, never get demoralized, nover show mercy, has no humanity.

    So a robot kills when it’s told to, and keeps killing until it’s told to stop.

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