Easter Podcat (LRN radio archive)


Easter Podcat

Neema is either stealing time from the feens, or he is kidnapped by the Easter Bunny, so DJ fills in. She and Michael listen to callers have some podbeef – Michael and DJ and many listeners are still not sure what it was even about….Though Michael is so mellow he can’t get angry at anything, for once. Then they take a call from Ben Stone about anarchist law (how law would work in the absence of the State), and the difference between the State and the Government. Lou calls in to talk about what a nice day it is. Other fun topics include the films Kumaré and Side By Side; and also worms, fish and hawgs.

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Tyranny’s Just The Symptom, The Disease Is Stupidity



The Freedom Feens more or less skip talking about the “drunkalogue” of minute-by-minute tyranny updates and get to the real root of the problem: stupidity, even in people who are “smart”, “educated”, and experts in things that are wrong. This plays off Ben Stone’s Bad Quaker idea that statists need a 12-step program, Bill Buppert and Michael Dean’s take on the same, Political Ponerology, and more, forging into a single unified theory of how to fix all the ills in the world. Also covered are idiots who believe in taxing e-mail to save the post office, old people who can’t deal with spam in a logical manner, the problem with futuruists, audio tips, Opus codec in the new Mumble version, and more.

“Texas wants you raped if you want to protect yourself from muggers” poster:


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Freedom Feens – Filling In The Blank Since 2011



The Freedom Feens say NOTHING about the government for an hour, and it’s fun. They talk about malapropisms, intersex (warning: very confusing anatomic photos), third sex, Albanian Sworn Virgins, (photos here), El Siete Mares, 7 seas fish tacos in Los Angeles, Southland, differences in urban decay between Houston, Los Angeles and Detroit; Officer Dogberry, Shakespeare, and what really happened with Phil Spector.

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People Who Are Experts In Things That Are Wrong (LRN radio archive)


people who are experts in things that are wrong

Michael Dean and Neema Vedadi talk about People Who Are Experts In Things That Are Wrong, Southland and other cop shows, “small government Republicans” who want to rob you via the government, Hanlon’s razor, How can a Pulitzer Prize winning writer make so many mistakes?, “If bad sound were fatal, audio would be the leading cause of death”, Nanny bots, and ZeroGov – same as “no-government men” or “anarchist” or “voluntaryist” but better….ZeroGov just nails it. It could be a noun, verb, adjective or adverb.


Dean’s Law of Building Dynamics: The amount of freedom in a region is inversely proportionate to the height of the tallest building in that region.



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Cute Puppies Love the Freedom Feens!



The Feens discuss puppies and liberty, ZeroGov and why it is the only solution, Obama the Patent Troll, Dead Kennedys rock, 3000 Felonies a Day, in soviet ‘Murica toilet pees on you, Don’t Register Your Bidet, socialists who love to engage in capitalism, and why Americans are square compared to the French, and where and why to get a bidet.

Cute puppy Freedom Feens photo of Sophie, the Anarcho-Canine by Mark Schisler.

Don't Register Your Bidet

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The State is as Legitimate and Real as Santa Claus or a Talking Squirrel



THIS IS THE TRIUMPHANT RETURN OF GREAT AUDIO on the Freedom Feens! Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi discuss “I Wonder What The State Will Do To Us Today?”, the State’s incessant onward and increasingly automated march of tyranny, The Crab-Industrial Complex, how to delete your BitCoin wallet, Colo. sheriff refuses to enforce gun-control bills, FedGov going after BitCoin which means BitCoin is working – and other BEDEVILMENTS, skin care tips from the Freedom Feens, Gold Bond medicated powder, Gain staging, our murderous audio quality on Sunday was episode 187  and yo this be ya boy Avid’s fault because their M-Audio tech support is not good, Feens Quality control and product recall, the tallest building in Wyoming is a 12-stories, Rear Window is the perfect hermit movie, regicide, a fear that Colorado gun bans could spread to Wyoming like the Pine Beetle infestation, the square snitchies at BSA’s “Report Software Piracy Now!“, how now The Library of Congress asking radio stations to register their microphones (and the Feens predicted this two months ago), Cyprus deposit tax, MSNBC talking in a tone of voice that’s how people talk to small children, Anarchist Sesame Street, and a new Feen phrase: THE PURE MARKET.

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“Government” is a Dirty Word



The Feens talk about how square Regulation of Obscenity, Indecency and Profanity is when the State murders people every day. The also marinate on Sony’s big failure with copy protection, and isn’t this something that technology and boycotts could deal with better than laws?, Google ordered to use gub’mint guns to make people do something I do anyway, why cussing matters, how square people get in the way whether they’re old or not, small town newspapers (and other dinosaurs), the majesty of 70s funk, and why Ben Stone is the coolest guy in liberty.

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Art, Peaceful Anarchy and Liberty



The Freedom Feens marinate on ideas of what art is, how art works, what it means to be an artist, how this relates to individual liberty, and how is the State the opposite of art. There’s not a lot about the government in this episode, but that’s a good thing. OK, there is a little bit about the government, but mostly near the end. Topics include: silver and gold, BitCoin, punk rock, liberty, the Knobtron-9,000, RKL, PUNKS NOT DEAD, and Pirate releases of films and software actually have high set standards.

Bomer from RKL shortly before he died:

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Impressionable Libertarian Kids in Their College Dorms Love The Freedom Feens (LRN radio archive)



Neema Vedadi can’t get work-release privileges from the Fema Camp again, so Ben Stone from the Bad Quaker podcast fills in as Michael Dean’s co-host for the day. They talk about pretty much everything BUT the government! Topics include libertarianism and marriage, the hero’s journey, sociopaths and government and movies and TV, travelin” through Dixie, liberty and charity, what we don’t like about Ayn Rand, The Natural Children’s Song, Right Arm of Wyoming, silver, “Warriors, come out and plaaaaay!” the squirrel report, the squirrel sex report, DIY movie making tips, Bowfinger, how to be a writer, how to get on RADIOOOOO!, and reaching the world from your bedroom.

Cool ‘bama Feens BitCoin meme by Richard.


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Pooplicating Gosh Darned Squirrels of Liberty!



The Freedom Feens talk about how not to cuss, why people think cussing is a big deal but killing innocent people with drones isn’t, Rand Paul, John Brennan, Will Dennis Rodman be remembered as the catalyst to WWIII?, Facebook charging a buck to talk to people, Feen-a-mint laxative gum, Quadra-FEEN-ia, Fox News Poll: Majority supports use of drones, Iran needs cats!, and the private charity “pet food stamps.

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