The Last-Ever LRN Feens Live Show



The Feens give a stellar send-off to the farm team of LRN before embarking up to the majors of radio syndication on GCN. (Of course, you can still listen on LRN on Sundays AND Saturdays now, at noon-2 PM Central time every weekend!, as well on selected radio stations around the country.) The Feens talk about Stasi-style systems set up to turn in your neighbors for thought crime, Cody Wilson’s fully printable gun, kid arrested for rap lyrics on Facebook, I GOTS ME SOME “FIX MY FACE” MONEY, BITCHES!, the great movie Fail Safe, MWD’s nightmare that George Soros bought Northern California, distressed-guitar posers, and how Rory Gallagher of Ghost Blues he’s on a stamp in Ireland, he sucks on guitar.

Turn your cash into liberty!

8 thoughts on “The Last-Ever LRN Feens Live Show”

  1. Regarding highly visible an-cap people getting sick and cancerous: the CIA has a cancer gun. That is all…

    1. Seriously. I thought that was my shirtless dad in that picture. There’s a reason my dad -always- wore a shirt. Nobody wants to see that.

      1. To try and be a bit fair, nobody wants to see me shirtless. Myself least of all!

        I suppose certain punk rockers age better and more gracefully than others.

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