9 thoughts on “The Feens: A Bidet for Your Brain”

  1. Several comments: As a long-time husky owner, I have read/heard that the main reason you should not shave them is that their double coat also helps keep them cool and protects their skin from sun burn. (they also cool themselves by panting or cooling their bellies)

    In regards to your dialogue about charging money/people selling themselves short – some of the best advice I was ever given: “When someone puts money in your hand; close your hand.”

    I whole heartedly agree with your stance on this armed march in DC. (for whatever that’s worth) And I wouldn’t be surprised if some of those hoo-rah comments on the Alex Jones site are from true supporters. I know at least one Alex Jones-humper and they often miss the point. Let us hope there is no blood shed. Hell, maybe they’ll be droned or “dealt with” before they even get there.

    Also agreed DC is not a place to go. Some cool museums, but not worth it. I’ve never been frisked and felt up as much as I was before a show at the 930 club. What’s up with that nowadays, anyway?

    1. worms.

      Did you ever go to the 9:30 club at the old location on F street, before it moved to the big WUST hall? It was pretty cool. I went there a lot and played there a few times. Even saw an on-duty black lady cop in uniform dancing her ass off there to Troublefunk, and never got frisked.


      1. I’m not sure of the location, but it wasn’t that long ago; probably 5+ years.

        For me, it seemed like from then on it was commonplace to be thoroughly patted down before a show. I almost didn’t make it into a show in Detroit last fall b/c I’m getting so tired of being felt up and down and having to turn out a pocket full of tampons etc, especially by someone with a shitty attitude. Probably depends on the venue, too…

        I don’t feel safer. I feel violated. It’s becoming “normal” like w/ the TSA and the complacency is what’s frightening. Preachin’ to the choir…..

        Whoa! Tangent! :}

  2. I thought maybe you were joking about the scale being literally smiley and frowny faces… at least I thought they’d be semi-realistic sketches. Just wow.

    Neema said something that worries me though. His reaction to the Molyneux interview was “Oh yeah there are still people who believe taxation is legitimate”. When you go on actual radio, you’re going to get a ton of statists calling in and a lot of them will be listening as well and some of them might even be nasty. So please please have a plan in mind for when that happens! Unlike facebook, radio is not something you want to just block people and leave!

  3. Wow,  you guys are so excited in this show.  Michael is like a little kid a few days before Christmas. It’s awesome. I can picture him jumping around and dancing. RADIO!!!

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