Felonious Carry of a Concealed Radio – live radio archive



The Feens ethically push the bounds of Free Speech. on RADIOOOOOOOOOOOO! Topics include: the problem with banning, why T2 is the best movie ever, why statists are square, and Adam Kokesh’s armed rally coming up in DC – and why the Feens won’t be there.

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7 thoughts on “Felonious Carry of a Concealed Radio – live radio archive”

  1. Neema, can you link me the conversation of Molyneux with an atheist you referred to recently? I found one with a Dr. Boghossian, is that it? Sometimes I feel like it would be so wonderful to have links for show content, what with all the youtube songs you guys play.

  2. Is there any way to tell how well the feens are doing on GCN LIVE and the radio stations? Are there any numbers? Could the fans get an update after a month or so? I want to see you guys blowing up.

  3. When you said video game versions of chess Neema I was sure you were going to say Starcraft or Age of Empires… but then you said “strategy rpg”. To paraphrase a Feen, I Don’t Know What That Is! But, if you feel like trying HotS out it might be fun to get together with a few feens and rock out with some team play.

    1. I actually meant like Fire Emblem or Shining Force. But if I ever pick up those other games I’ll join ya’ll in battle.

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