Ron Paul’s Pay Wall Makes Him a Dinosaur Thrashing In The Tar Pits – live radio archive



The Freedom Feens explain why there’s nothing un-ethical about a pay wall, but there are valid reasons to dislike pay walls other than being “cheap.” (So zip it, Tom Woods). Because for new media, a pay wall will ensure your extinction. On a related note, the Feens tell you how to make sure your media is listened to 150 years in the future, and how YouTube, iTunes, O’Reilly Media, Alex Jones and Michael W. Dean learned to make money in the new “give everything away” economy. And this makes the Feens the Jimi Hendrix of talk radio.

Plus, why liberty needs more professional-grade amateurs who aren’t trying to quit their day job. They also talk about Sgt. Dan Banning, Sgt. Brad Manning, wonder “Is NSA leak a false-flag? What would be their advantage – maybe changing the new normal?”, Mission Creep and then coin a phrase, “INJUSTICE CREEP.”

(And yes, we know that a mammoth is not a dinosaur. Find us a better picture, and we’ll use it. Especially if you can find us a picture of a dinosaur that reminds us of the GOP elephant.)

Turn your cash into liberty!

14 thoughts on “Ron Paul’s Pay Wall Makes Him a Dinosaur Thrashing In The Tar Pits – live radio archive”

  1. I don’t have a problem with the “pay wall” per say. But read over the “privacy policy” and you will realize that the site is collecting personal data, and does not ever promise not to sell such information. If selling my information is good capitalist practice, and not a violation of my rights then defend that.

    My refusal to pay has nothing to do with RP. It is totally based on not making any more information available to the media marketers who produce nothing. And no, I don’t have any iGadgets or a goog/yahoo/youtube/twitter/facebook account.

      1. I found it difficult to believe this morning when it was plastered all over twitter.

        But you are right, good for her.

        Not like she needed any more challenges to deal with, right?

  2. Yeah, a lot of the “libertarians” just don’t get the whole freeware concept. A notable exception to the rule is a certain “dirty hippie libertarian” who is all big on the creative commons thing. There’s the book here, and then some random guy doing an audio book version of the same thing.

    Of course “Little Brother” is one of those libertarian/cryptoanarchist propaganda theme books, where the lead character gets his ass kicked a whole lot. Probably something to do with the “wimpy nerd” type going all heroic by doing geek stuff instead of turning into Rambo/Lucy Lu. Kinda of an interesting concept, but a bit too heavy on the, “lets demonstrate, get our asses kicked by the cops, and get arrested for the cause” sort of theme. I suppose it has to be done to demonstrate that the whole “rubber hose” technique likely to be used to decrypt some nerds electronic gizmo if things go sour. Even with that, not too bad of a read.

  3. I love the philosophy of caring about your art and giving it away and make money some other way. Thanks for putting that out with passion. Great show.

      1. I was only half way through when I wrote that. Just listened to the part about “is Snowden a false flag thing?” One theory I’ve heard that has some cred is that this is an internal beef between the NSA and the CIA. The NSA has “too much” power that the CIA envies.

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