Canadian Libertarians Ed and Ethan on The Freedom Feens Talk Radio Show



Neema Vedadi is out making babies, so Michael W. Dean is joined by polite angry young men Ed and/or Ethan, our libertarian AnCap brethren from the north. (Check out their show, The Ed and Ethan Podcast.) Topics include government-forced healthcare, Canadian dollar worth more than US dollar for first time ever, language Nazis, ethnocentrism and why it’s a danger to liberty, BitCoin and why it rocks, and much much more.

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15 thoughts on “Canadian Libertarians Ed and Ethan on The Freedom Feens Talk Radio Show”

  1. Socialism is the gateway drug to communism! (I always think people are splitting hairs when they try to point out the differences.) “Well you know, I started with socialism, but then I built up a tolerance and it didn’t do it for me anymore. So I moved up to the stronger, harder.. communism!” HA!

    Honestly, I thought the first caller was an actor. No? I can relate with MWD’s reaction. I struggle with the same.

    And yeah, everyone’s taking “chemical restraints” these days, hadn’t you heard? 1 in 10 Americans take anti-depressants!

    1. P.S. I always enjoyed “Ed & Ethan” when listening to LRN. I should make them part of my weekly podcast listening…..

  2. This is for the Democrat caller, who is probably not going to see this.. Ed and Ethan said it, and I’ll repeat it. In Canada, we have a fully socialized single payer health care system, a utopia of benevolent government tending to the needs of the proles.. Oops, population.



    There are only so many doctors, not much incentive for new people to enter the system, and the current doctors are ageing and retiring. My physician’s practice had four doctors, now there’s one.

    No matter what laws are passed, no matter what government programs are set up, no matter how hip Obama sounds, basic economics cannot be altered. Especially Supply And Demand! With a shortage of doctors, and a lack of replacements, what happens? I won’t bother getting into costs, but how quickly do you think you can even see a doctor?
    It can be weeks to see your physician for routine stuff, months to see a specialist , many months or over a year for surgery, and many hours, perhaps most of a day in an emergency room unless you’re bleeding profusely. People have not ‘died of boredom’, but literally DIED waiting to be seen in an ER.

    A friend’s boss had a problem with his bladder, the doctor told him they would schedule surgery to remove it. He asked if it was really that bad, the doctor told him that it probably isn’t now, but after the months of waiting it would take to get an MRI scan, it would be. He went to a clinic in Buffalo NY and paid out of pocket for a scan. It turns out the condition wasn’t very bad at all, and very treatable. It worked out, but only buy this person seeking his own alternatives outside the Statist box we’re placed in.

    Stephan Molyneux had a tumour in his neck which was initially misdiagnosed, and got worse. Eventually, he took matters into his own hands, and sought help, at his expense, in America. He got better treatment, got it sooner, and got his problem resolved.

    This is a YouTube video he did, called Health care is actually really cheap. Many heads would explode just from the title.

    To the Democrat caller.. First of all, no, Michael does NOT have to stop talking badly about Obamacare. You can disagree with him all you want, but Michael has the right to say it.

    Secondly, you say that health care is a basic human right, and people should have access to it. I absolutely agree with you. But handing it over to the government isn’t going to work. I can say that with the experience of living in Canada, where such a system has destroyed health care. I know British people who have emigrated to Canada, and they tell me the British system is even worse.

    Get the government to run things? Oh, hell… Everything the government touches turns to crap and costs many times as much money. If the government created a program to cure baldness, in a few years, everyone would look like me, which is to say a slightly less psychotic Doctor Evil. And yes, I’m surrounded by frickin’ idiots!

    Worms from the People’s Republic of Canuckistan!
    (No, I don’t live in an igloo.)

      1. “Canadian Mark” is the street trademark on their good dope there.

        Canadian Mark: accept no substitutes.

      2. After all the waiting to see a doctor, you only get a small amount of time to speak to them. So, like many other places, there’s a tendancy to match symptoms to a medication, and get you out the door. I believe doctors want to do well, but work within a flawed system, and they usually can’t do much more than that.

        I don’t know any hard numbers, but there are lots of people in Canada on various anti depressants and psych meds. I’ve known some people, and it takes a long time to see a doctor for a follow up to adjust meds.

        For the most part, I don’t have much in the way of health problems, and only rarely see a doctor. As Stephan Molyneux has said, the best health care plan is to stay healthy! Makes sense to me, better to avoid dealing with it as much as possible.

        1. That sounds similar to the US (or at least where I live) in it’s current state (match symptoms to drugs). Yeah, my doc said that when she got into the field she thought she would be helping people, but unfortunately much of what she does is dictated by the insurance companies. You have to fit in these nice, neat little columns and boxes on the forms. If you don’t, well, you’re SOL.

          Agreed. Stay as healthy as you can and avoid ’em.

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