The Aliens Took the Feens and Came Back With Some Dope Trax



The Aliens took the Feens and will return them after probing, this weekend in time for their live shows. So we offer here a fun mish-mash of stuff and songs, old and new, to tide you over. Neema songs include, in no special order:
“No Babies” by Neema Vedadi
“OYK” by Neema Vedadi and MWD
“Silver if You’re down” by Neema Vedadi ft. Silver Staxx
Michael W. Dean songs include, in no special order:

“She Sleeps in Pink Tights” by Baby Opaque
“Simple Tasks” by Baby Opaque
“She’s Wet” by Baby Opaque
“Ode to a Cat” by MWD and Bob Sax
“Supergoose” by Slish

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7 thoughts on “The Aliens Took the Feens and Came Back With Some Dope Trax”

  1. I’ve been dealing with a bunch of ignorant statists this week. Not just this week, but in particular this week I’ve become fed up with their bullshit. I just can’t stand the idea that people can make decisions for other people. If I want to smoke crack, weed, or plastic Legos who the fuck cares?! It’s my decision, not yours. I just don’t understand why people don’t understand that it’s not ok to force your opinion on others. Doesn’t matter what it’s for, you\’re not in charge of the rest of the world. I think you guys should stress this more often, government is immoral because, unless you’re harming somebody, nobody should be in charge of anybody else. Prohibition and taxation are good examples.

    I also want to thank you guys, you brought me to the ideas of voluntarism. You cut the wool from my eyes, and led me the way. I’m so glad we have people that understand that people are free to choose, and have such a big voice. You and Free Talk Live are making this world a better place.
    The music is great too. I love MWD’s music because it’s good. But Neema’s is extra good because of the anti-state message. It’s great having media that has good messages.
    Thank you for service to humanity,
    Nick Hazelton

    1. Thanks.

      You know that the Baby Opaque stuff is from 1985, right? And the Slish is from 1996. “Ode To A Cat” is the newest, it’s from 2007.


      1. I knew it was before my time. I really enjoyed “She Sleeps in Pink Tights”, “Simple Tasks” and I think it was “Supergoose”. I’m a big fan of Bomb too. I actually don’t listen to a lot of rock other than your stuff.

  2. I was bummed out at first when I heard Michael say there was no regular show but really enjoyed listening to the new songs while driving! Feentastic stuff!

    Best wishes to the both of you and the newborn from the low lands!

  3. Neema,

    love the new tunes! This is the first I’ve heard some of them. I’m honored to have been able to help.

    And the Stefan Molyneux sample was priceless.


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