Failed States And The Monopoly On Violence



The Freedom Feens give a hardcore poly-sci lesson and get to the root of what a nation-state IS: “a Monopoly Of Violence.” They also discuss the so-called “Three grounds for legitimate rule” (Traditional, Gift of grace/charisma, Statutes), failed states like Liberia, Somalia and Eritrea and how America may already be joining them because the US is starting to fail the Town Square Test. Also discussed is how Obama and your local Republican mayor are the same species of control freak, especially if your mayor is listed on this website.

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2 thoughts on “Failed States And The Monopoly On Violence”

  1. Every Walmart I have been to in Texas that sells guns does indeed still sell AR 15s and AR 10s.

    Josh in Dallas

  2. Hmm, Eritrea, I only know two things about that country. It used to be part of Ethiopia and at one point they had a GDP of 900 or so million bucks.

    Of which they spent $30 million on weapons. Poorest country in the world that has Mig 29s.

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