Randy England on Why Christians Should Be Libertarian



Neema Vedadi is out on paternity leave for the day, so Randy England fills in and yacks with Michael W. Dean about Why Christians Should Be Libertarian.

Randy England is a criminal defense attorney and former Missouri prosecutor.

He writes from Jefferson City on the Missouri justice system: defendants, cops, prosecutors, courts, the legislature, and defense lawyers. Click here for Randy’s law practice website.

Randy’s book, FREE IS BEAUTIFUL: Why Catholics Should Be Libertarian: www.freeisbeautiful.net

Get the Kindle Edition of the book on Amazon, here.

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Randy is using the Blue Yeti microphone over Skype for this show.

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2 thoughts on “Randy England on Why Christians Should Be Libertarian”

  1. Really liked what he had to say about victim restitution/compensation.

    I was the victim of a violent crime. The case went to court and it was “The State of X vs. Violent Jerk Psycho”. I thought that was weird. Wish I would have asked the prosecutor at the time….

    Anyway, I’ve often thought about how much this event has cost just me, financially. From therapy bills, having to move, stolen property, to missing work for court appearances, and the list goes on. Was justice served? I dunno. At least this scumbag is off the street. Tax payers’ stolen money will be paying for him for the next 60+ years.

    I look forward to sharing this podcast with Christian friends and family. Thanks, Feens!

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