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Michael W. Dean celebrates 20 years clean and sober by hanging out with Jack Johnson and telling you why you should start an AnCap/libertarian podcast and/or radio show…..and why you do NOT need the WATSUP – (Windowless Assault Terminal Satellite Uplink Pod – pictured above) to do so.

Also discussed is why Facebook is like an annoying and useful Tamagotchi, why we need more libertarian voices and less libertarian rock stars, and the delightful web resource, http://dontthrowmypackage.com

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4 thoughts on “Why You Should Podcast – Freedom Feens live radio archive”

  1. I say quite often now, “Thank you for your service” to people. I think it’s good and hopefully minimizes the hero-worship of soldiers.

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I feel like I am pounding my head against the wall and your latest podcast really helped me. I have been trying to convince people that what we as anarchists need to do is spread a message of hope. Stop spreading the Gospel of Mises, and start living the gospel. We need to reach people where they are at.
    Anarchist podcasts covering everyday topics is what we need. Stop bitching and start giving solutions and putting them in place as much as possible.

    There is a really important small book “From Dictatorship to Democracy”. It’s the book that has been employed in every take down of State for the past 30 years. The premise (democracy is good) is wrong, but its something every anarchist should read. The message I am trying to spread to my fellow Anarchists is we need to build a parallel system. Work out the bugs now before we go Live.

    Thank you for everything you do. And thank your work in propaganda.

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