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Lousander Feen, Dianna Keiler and Michael W. Dean talk about how “the Only Ones”, statheists and other sociopaths are ruining the world. Also: “The Others”, and how government is exactly like heroin, except heroin can actually alleviate chronic pain, whereas government always causes pain. Also: the beauty of human interaction and how getting along is human nature.

From the Freedom Feens Glossary:

Pee Pee Kitty = Going to the bathroom to pee while doing a live show. Comes from the French term for American coffee, “Pee Pee Kitty”, which means “cat pee.” A variation on our phrase “pee pee kitty” is “pod pee”, which is where Neema or Michael pee in a glass or beer bottle while casting so they don’t have to leave the conversation. The Feens also use the phrase “Walther Pee Pee Kitty” for the James Bond/Sterling Archer personal carry sidearm, the seven-shot .380 ACP Walther PPK to make fun of the fact that such “manly men” carry such tiny peashooter mouse guns for protection, and to make fun of tiny guns in general. Though the Feens also know that any gun is better than no gun, and anywhere that ultra-concealment is an issue for one reason or another, the PPK would be a fine carry pistol.

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5 thoughts on “Pee Pee Kitty! – Freedom Feens live radio archive”

  1. Luckily when I got off of statism, I had little to no withdrawals.

    “Libertarian Party Members – is there anybody more invested in hopelessness?” HAAAA!

  2. Micheal Werecat Dean, in thanks for your service to the TSA, you are hereby awarded The Order of the Purple Nose.

    Your valiant sacrifice of your Claratin, authorized by the Social Contract, has spared some poor TSA official from cold and flu symptoms. If not for your sacrifice, a TSA goon would have to ask the same boring and ridiculous questions with a stuffy nose.

    Now that the award ceremony is over, let me expand on the Only Ones. Years ago, I saw an indoor pistol range used for practice by.. I’ll just say a police force.

    There were holes in the walls and ceiling, and chips in the concrete floor. A window near the door had a hole in it, about the height of the head of an average height person. Apparently, a pistol went off “while being cleaned”. The hole in the window was purposefully left there as a warning.

    I dabbled in firearms a few years ago, and while I don’t claim to be an expert, I believe that a gun going off while being cleaned is particularly stupid.

    Wouldn’t one check that a firearm is unloaded first??? I always did before cleaning! Of course, I did this while carefully monitoring the direction the muzzle was pointing! While not being a part of The Only Ones, I managed to not muzzle sweep a classroom. Just lucky, I suppose!

    The Only Ones who are qualified to handle firearms… Yeah, I suppose they can sell me the Golden Gate Bridge too…

      1. Maybe you caught it from me. I started getting chronic nose bleeds the moment I landed in DC, and it stopped the moment we left for PorcFest. I blame all the government in the air.

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