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Bill Buppert and Michael W. Dean talk about Stoicism, Nihilism, Frank Sinatra, government lovers who would rather see the government fail than the free market succeed, private space travel, marijuana legalization, and redemption in the third act.

42 minutes in, the Feens start Part 23 of their infinite-part series, THE TRUTH ABOUT STEFAN MOLYNEUX!

Stefan Molyneux Censors Critics Rather than Address Criticism, Molyneux’s censoring memory-hole teenage fans and their “NOT AN ARGUMENT!” argument, Molyneux’s flaccid donations, why some libertarians dare not speak ill of Molyneux and a few who have dared to – including a few libertarian rock stars: Justin Raimondo and David Gordon (video/audio HERE).


Freedom of Mind (cult deprogrammers / High-Demand Group deprogrammers) page on Stefan Molyneux’s Free Domain Radio.


FDRLiberated forum

Molyneux’s liberal use of “science” “facts” and how Molyneux is influenced by Dr. Phil

Cult-like actions checklist about Molyneux.

The Truth About Stefan Molyneux. Interview with 2 People Who Were in His Inner Circle

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7 Responses to Stefan Molyneux’s Philosophy Is NOT. – Freedom Feens radio archive

  1. Vicky says:

    i have heard that tru shibes and molyneux have settled out of court and as a result the DMCA takedown will not be looked at in court after all. This is dissapointing as the DMCA regulations really need looking into.

  2. Ikefeen says:

    Where is the article by Raimondo on molyneux? I cant find it.

  3. David says:

    I’ve been so disappointed with Molyneux. He can do a 15 minute video on inflation, war, history, etc. and knock it out of the park. But if I recommend his work to someone teetering on moving one rung more on the liberty ladder they will likely bump into a tirade against women or a three hour discussion about the childhood roots of sexual impulse.

    I’m sympathetic to some of the mens’ rights arguments but presenting information in a way that vilifies and collectivizes women is just as bad as the extreme feminists who disparage men. It seems like a brain disease stemming from the political system. I don’t like the idea of being for women or men; heck, I’d support adding a few more genders. Other societies have.

    While the gender issues irritate me, the idea that one could figure out the sexual impulses of a human being in 20 minutes is downright offensive. The myriad of sexual behaviors just aren’t that simple. But it’s all collectivized to childhood trauma unless you’re in a heterosexual vanilla relationship.

    The cult stuff? I don’t know… I’m a little sad that the Trushibes lawsuit will likely stifle conversation (most folks don’t comment on active suits). It’s hard to know where to stand without all the information. I feel Molyneux ignored this stuff to make it go away and missed a golden opportunity to meet it head on in an honest way. Hopefully the truth emerges and justice is done.

  4. Bill Buppert says:

    Thanks, Michael.

    The best part of Stoicism is that it is a livable set of rules and a guide to being good and acting well and in the end, dying well.

    I recommend the following resources to get better acquainted with the philosophy:

    My top three books for the noviate:

    A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy

    A Man in Full

    The Emperor’s Handbook: A New Translation of The Meditations

    There is a huge panoply of books on Amazon; my Stoic wishlist already has 55 books and I have a considerable library at home. I did a talk at PorcFest in June on the link between the ancient Stoics and modern libertarianism and that is a book project for me next year.

    Here is a partial list:

    This a terrific resource and dirt cheap on Amazon:

  5. Bill Buppert says:


    Please read the comments on the appended articles, that is where the real debate is.


  6. Bill Buppert says:


    I think the climate change business is fatuous and anti-scientific. There is no possible way to assign ironclad causative certitude for either anthropogenic or non-anthropogenic. Plenty of correlative nonsense to go around. So i support the third way, the global climate ecosystem is so complex, it is scientifically impossible to assess causation. IOW, human produced effluents into the atmosphere cannot possibly be linked directly to change whether warmer or cooler especially in light of the complete absence in most models to account for the oceanic heat sink macro-effects.

    My explanation? Sun spot activity.
    And yes, I do wish the enviruses would go to the sun to try to regulate it.


  7. Halsingen says:

    Regarding climate change, isn’t it wondrous, that warming always is called worsening?

    Was the stone age Holocene climatic optimum period when Scandinavia had Mediterranean climate, human caused?

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