Government-proof audio bunker transmissions from LibPar – commercial-free Freedom Feens radio archive

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Radical capitalism advocates Lousander Feen, Michael W. Dean and Nick Hazelton discuss farming, “Hogwash An American Pig Tale“, Grand Juries and “the People’s Court.”

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2 thoughts on “Government-proof audio bunker transmissions from LibPar – commercial-free Freedom Feens radio archive”

  1. Regarding Nazism, look out for the new election in the idealized leftist paradise Sweden in March, where a notorious party (the Sweden Democrats) is expected to achieve around 20 % of the votes and perhaps establish itself as the largest in parliament.

    They describe themselves as socialists in terms of the welfare state, conservatives on social issues and nationalists in terms of globalization and immigration.

    Their ideological household God, is Rudolf Kjellén who invented the concepts of geopolitics (with the idea of “the State as a Living Form” and therefore in need of Lebensraum/living space) as well as National Socialism, and who inspired Hitler.

    They celebrate kings and warlords (like Charles X Gustav or Magnus Stenbock) who extended the borders of Sweden, and glorify ethnic genocides in state’s pursuit of conquests.

    Libertarian Johan Norberg wrote about it in The Wall Street Journal:

    Is there any chance of obtaining asylum in New Hampshire? 🙁

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