Manufacturing Consent With the Freedom Feens

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11069952_10203961893632005_1901398362984069786_nDerrick J and Brett Veinotte (from the School Sucks Podcast) talk about the evils of Manufacturing Consent.

This show is an historic event, first-ever show done from a remote studio of another show via FeenPhone.

(The other show is Rebel Love Show, and Rob is on for the first segment)

Turn your cash into liberty!

6 thoughts on “Manufacturing Consent With the Freedom Feens”

  1. I really enjoyed hearing Brett; I miss his appearances on FTL and Puke and the Gang. He and Derrick had great flow and Brett’s absurd yet perfectly deadpan sense of humor is very Feenly.
    I’d love to hear him more. Veinotte for Feen in ’16!

  2. Good show! Very entertaining and damn near sanity saving. Good to have Brett on the Feens show. I’m a new listener and I totally dig the variety of hosts on this show — a great break from the Molyneux monologues. You guys are fun. FeenPhone is awesome.

  3. Looks like I lost, I thought for sure the title would be The Only Good Politician is Not Wearing Just Underwear.


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