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BUY FREEDOM FEENS BUTTONS! TEN DOLLARS FOR TEN BUTTONS.           NOTE: new sizes, some large, some small!

Wear your love of liberty on your sleeve. Well, on your jacket or shirt or purse or messenger bag. You can now buy a ten-pack of ten button designs for ten dollars postpaid. (That's ten buttons for ten dollars, with shipping!) Buttons are high quality, 1 3/4 inch, and hand made in America. 

You get these buttons: two Guns and Weed designs, the Freedom Feens "worms!" design, a “State Speech is Hate Speech” button in gold and black (AnCap flag colors!), and "By Sheep, For Sheep, On Sheep", BipCot NoGov License,  FeenPhone, BipTunia, FeenBot button, and an "ask me about my wormz!" 

You can buy via PayPal. It's 10 dollars for 10 buttons, postpaid to anywhere in the USA. 

Use PayPal: (Will come up as "Intergalactic Prairie Studios.") 

(Shipping and handling to Canada is six dollars extra. Outside the US or Canada is 20 dollars, order twice, then send us an email.) If you want to buy via check or money order, or want to order with BitCoin, or if you want to make a wholesale order, send us an email.

or use BitCoin, then send us an email with the transaction exact time and amount, or the transaction link or ID. 

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Note: Buttons are a choking hazard. Not for small children. Buttons also have a sharp pin on the back. Don't stick yourself.