Talking to Statists

Yes it is painful, but it must be done in order to get the message of individual liberty out. After explaining roads for the hundredth time, it can get tedious. This is especially true when dealing with a new statist that has never been exposed to liberty. When the T-1000 falls into the vat of molten steel, we don’t want these knuckleheads building a new one. As per usual, we can expect a more advanced and dangerous model like the TX, but nowhere near as hot!

The problem with most statists is that they want every intricate detail about how everything will function in LibPar. That is not possible as we cannot centrally plan a free market and individual liberty. When somebody asks, “Who will build the roads?” the  statist mindset cannot comprehend “road builders” as an answer. We have to dumb it down for them and deal with their fears of freedom. The best way to do this is with the Socratic Teaching Method. For any of these government services that they cling to so much, we could ask them simple questions such as:


  • If this service is so important, do you think there would still be a market for it?
  • Does the government have magic fairy dust that makes it the only group capable of providing this service?
  • Has it ever existed outside of the State monopoly?
  • Are you more concerned that the job gets done or that the job gets done by the government?
  • Wouldn’t it be great to get these things with higher quality and a much lower cost?
  • Where will you get your bread and circuses when the empire collapses under the weight of its own bureaucracy?

This can be trying, I understand but I can’t emphasize how important this is. One of the favorites is education. We should point out that government education did not exist at all in the US until the 19th century. Government education really did not take off until well into the 20th century. We could point to examples such as Frederick Douglass who did not have a publicly financed education. In fact, the Dept. of Education was not born into the federal family until well over a hundred years later. He learned to read and write and became quite accomplished without these things and in spite of a prohibition by law that could have brought the death penalty.

We could suggest certain things such as private schooling, homeschooling/unschooling, or the  Khan Academy. Certainly, some will say that the poor people can’t afford internet service because of the sweetheart contracts that local governments set up with providers to limit competition and promote price fixing. Actually, they won’t realize that fascism is the cause of the high prices but we can get past this. As far as homeschooling goes:

  • Does school have to take place between the hours of 8 am and 2:30 pm? Monday through Friday? September through June? Can learning take place at any time?
  • Are lessons supposed to be 50 minutes? No more. No less.
  • Could we cut at least 3 hours of State worship per day from the curriculum?
  • Would the children learn better if not under the influence of Complyacin?
  • Could the children still learn without their faces jammed in a book and not having a guard/teacher standing over them holding a riding crop?

We can look at how things have worked in the past, absent the State, but the one thing that we cannot predict is what the creativity of the market will provide in the future without the government impediments to innovation and improvement. The possibilities are endless as there may come a time when students actually learn some useful information and can contribute something to the world.

And if none of these techniques work, you can always baffle them with the all-time favorite libertarian  question…

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11 Responses to Talking to Statists

  1. Marc Abela

    You make a great point, but… who will build the pyramids?

    • Lou


  2. Great post!
    If the statist is of the slightly less idiotic type, you could fire another barrel and either go through this argument with him or link him to the post: How to Show That Taxation is Robbery”

  3. Paul Bonneau

    Great article. It got picked up by Strike-the-Root…

    • MWD


      Thank you for the heads up.


  4. “we cannot centrally plan a free market and individual liberty.” Best line ever, and so true. Unfortunately most folks just cannot get past this(mostly because of fear and uncertainty), so they immediately discredit our ideas.

  5. This was a great article Lou! You dropped some mad knowledge!

  6. MWD

    Good piece!

    The Feens are not good at talking to statists. When confronted with statists, we tend to just say, ‘Well, FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK YOU!”


    • Lou

      It’s a new Statist Outreach Program. I even “tagged it.

  7. AngelaTheHunter


    • Lou


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