Michael W. Dean’s 1984 song “Drone”


Grab the MP3 here. Odd little song from my 1984 Washington DC band, “Michael” (formerly “The Day I Lost My Virginity”) Michael W. Dean on guitar and piano, Peggy Tully on bass and vocals, Michael Salkind on drums. Peggy wrote this song. I love it. This is from the 1984 Mutopia cassette compilation album. (Cassette is WAY out of print, some store in Germany is selling one here for $75.) John Beers sent me the MP3.

The song is called “Drone” because of the droning bass guitar part. Peggy’s lyrics are about smell and how it triggers memories.

I don’t have any photos of the band Michael, so here’s a photo of me in The Beef People from about a year later.


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8 Responses to Michael W. Dean’s 1984 song “Drone”

  1. Reminds my on PSIcom and Jane´s Addiction somehow or better vice versa.

    • MWD

      PSI com. Awesome and obscure reference.

      Both Perry and Peggy were fans of, and influenced by, Siouxsie Sioux.

      And Jane´s Addiction, my band Bomb, and Mojo Nixon all had the same manager. I’m interviewing Mojo Nixon tomorrow for the Anarchy Gumbo, will release tomorrow on the Torrents,
      and a week later on the Gumbo podcast.


  2. …about smell and how it triggers memories.
    very good story and very good song. cheers!

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