I’m a Conscientious Objector to Obama

With the White House.gov petition for Texas secession at over 100,000 signatures now and other state’s petitions growing,  many media commentators are making a point to dismiss secession talk. The worst of them are exhibiting freakish and defensive stockholm syndrome symptoms. The editorial board at the University of Texas campus paper dismisses it as “not a legitimate issue” and zealously defends their all-holy “union” with this sycophantic paragraph;

“It should be a no-brainer, but no state has the right to secede from the Union, regardless of how many of its citizens might wish to. The terms of each state’s admission to the Union and the terms of the Confederate states’ unconditional surrender after the Civil War state this unambiguously.” (emphasis mine). 

The argument basically boils down to. No matter what people want, they must be ruled by the words written by men who are long dead.

Jay R. Jordan takes the same logic but tries to beef it up with an “expert” in this silly Houstonian piece.

“The fact that Texas, or any other state, has the explicit ability to secede is a myth. Many students across the state are taught to believe that due to Texas’ unique history and previous independence, the state is allowed to leave the Union whenever it pleases. ‘That’s a false assumption,’ political science professor Michael Smith said. ‘Texas can break up into five states if it chooses, but as far as secession, no.'”

He then quotes a bunch of college student “man-on-the-street” interviewees who effuse the tired dogma they recited in public school every morning; “one nation, under god, indivisible”. The ignorance leaves me wishing these idiots would stick to musical theater or basket weaving and shut their yaps when grown folks are talking.

Although what passes for grown folks aren’t much better. Politico calls the petitions a “tantrum” and blames Texas conservative’s sour grapes over the election. That may be true in varying degrees for some petition signers, but Obama supports are throwing just as childish a tantrum over the thought that people would want to secede.

A good friend of mine who is a Native American, an army veteran, and an Obama supporter has been very offended at the thought; “For those who signed the petition to secede from this great nation: If you did so to protest your frustration, you stepped way over the line by doing so. To say you no longer want to be American sends a message to the world that we are a divided nation, hence a weak nation. You’ve told the world that you want to give up. You might was well turn belly up and die for all you’re worth now. A person without a country is about as alone as one could ever get on this mortal plane.” (if you’d like to read my response it is here)

All this anger. All this division. It’s all an obvious conclusion for a modern democracy. The winners get to control the lives of the losers. That’s not just boilerplate either. Really, let that sink in. The winner of a popularity contest get’s to dictate how much money get’s stolen from you, and what to do with it. He also heads an apparatus that tells you how to live almost every aspect of your life and imposes punishments for those who get caught disobeying.

The question few seem to ask is “why should anyone be forced to bow down to an authority they don’t want to?” Why can’t Obama supporters obey Obama, Romney supporters obey Romney and self-reliant people obey their own desires?

Those who’ve never questioned the hierarchy around them retort with statements like “well how would a nation of 310 million people be controlled then?” The answer is simply; it doesn’t need to be. Do the billions of earthworms have a legislature to centrally plan the economy of creating dirt from dead plants or an executive to enforce the plan?

Maybe it’s just that word, secession. Maybe if you don’t want to submit to a ruler others have chosen you could brand yourself as something other than a secessionist. Maybe you’re a conscientious objector. You object to the imposition of another’s will upon your life. You still serve your country through voluntary social and economic functions. You don’t impose another government on others who wish to remain under the rulers thumb.


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5 Responses to I’m a Conscientious Objector to Obama

  1. Paul Bonneau

    “He then quotes a bunch of college student “man-on-the-street” interviewees who effuse the tired dogma they recited in public school every morning; “one nation, under god, indivisible”. The ignorance leaves me wishing these idiots would stick to musical theater or basket weaving and shut their yaps when grown folks are talking.”

    Keep in mind that interviewers almost certainly filter out any responses that do not support the line of crap the interviewer is pushing. Actually they are not really interviewers at all. They are propagandists.

    This ia a hard one Michael. If the government indoctrination centers have done anything, it’s to push the position that secession is bad, bad, bad. Logic no longer operates with such deep levels of conditioning. But the bright side is that so many people have got over their conditioning due to the Internet. Essentially anyone with an open mind is capable, in time, of coming to the right conclusion.

  2. Strelok

    I don’t think government needs to control the individual, but regulate society? Yes.

    Earthworms are not capable of doing much more than eating dirt, reproducing, excretion and death, no matter how great they are in number.

    A single human being can possess the motivation and means to destroy the planet. THAT is why we need government. We don’t need a police state, or a totalitarian head of state, but the security afforded by modern governments (even in some of the less stable regions of the world) can not be downplayed. We humans are inherently, genetically destructive to ourselves, others, and our environments. America is almost 237 years old. In those 237 years since our country’s inception, mankind has brought about mass production, internal combustion engines, automobiles, computers, advanced medicine, cartridge based ammunition, fully automatic weapons, nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, guided missiles, and the internet…one of the greatest inventions imaginable (in my opinion). You notice how much of those things in that short, short list (just off the top of my head) are used to kill other people?

    Were earthworms endowed with a broader sense of individuality, it’d be a safe bet they wouldn’t all “work towards the greater good.” And for every person that cries foul over the economy, or who’s in charge on Capitol Hill, they just need to remember that society is just as sick as the government they put in charge.

    • Jacob

      You can’t regulate society without controlling individuals. Society is the sum total of all peaceful interactions of individuals. To regulate society, you must coerce people into involuntary interactions. Ergo, government is inherently anti-society.

      If you are concerned that one person can destroy the planet, why can’t you see that only through government can someone actually gain or use that power? Wars are fought between members of small oligarchies who rob other people and enslave them to fight on behalf of the oligarchs. That is not a consequence of individuals being free to choose.

      If you want people to “work toward the common good,” the only way that can happen is if people are free to choose for themselves individually what they think is the greatest good, and allow markets with price structures that allow people to make informed choices based on their subjective preferences. The only protections that are necessary are allowing people to form voluntary contracts and engage in voluntary trade with the opportunity to protect themselves from coercion by others according to the non-aggression principle.

    • MWD

      Worms! (not).


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