Wow Democrats, you used to be COOL. What happened??!!!

I was born in 1964. Some of my earliest memories are watching the Vietnam War on TV, and a few years later, watching Richard Nixon say “I am not a crook” and resign. Both these things gave me an inherent distrust of politicians, so of course, I was a lifelong Democrat. Democrats were the cool folks, Republicans were the evil “Mr. Burns”-type tyrants, right?

Well, Democrat politicians were always tyrants, simply because they’re politicians. But Democrat voters used to be cool. At least after the KKK (who were Democrats) were routed out and made to be viewed as very uncool (rightfully so!), that whole next generation or two were Democrat voters who were cool because they got things changed for the better. And they did it by openly questioning everything and everyone, even railing against all “leaders”, including Democrat leaders. Democrat activists and protesters ended the Vietnam war (by questioning and screaming at leaders, including President Johnson, a Democrat). Democrats spearheaded the Civil Rights Movement, the Anti-War movement, and Women’s Rights. Democrats exposed the corruption of Watergate, exposed illegal wiretapping of citizens, fought against the Death Penalty, denounced the expansion of the Military Industrial Complex, fought illegal search and seizure, fought indefinite detainment, lead the fight against the drug war, and were NEVER cool with ANY censorship of ANY Free Speech or free expression. And again, they did all this by NOT believing anything that leaders said, even when those leaders had a “D” after their name.

Flash forward to 2012. Democrats blindly adore their leaders, even when those leaders are warmongers who want to destroy human rights home and abroad. Many of today’s Democrats have a “Do not question our leaders!” attitude that goes beyond the typical Republican “Love it or Leave it!” “My country right or wrong” b.s., and goes on to actual “Our guy can do no wrong” worship.

Check out this from the Facebook group God Bless the President of the United States:

Don’t anyone dare disrespect our President. He is the man of the 100%–the entire country. He can’t be bought, or compromised. He’s a man of compassion and integrity. He cares about everybody, and wants to help this great nation. So don’t even think of disrespecting our President Obama–the 44th President of the United States of America! This page is for Obama supporters ONLY. Anyone disrespecting the President will be removed. VOTE!!!! Contribute to any Blue candidate!

This, sadly, is now typical of most Democrats. This Facebook page has over 37,000 “Likes” and there are thousands of similar sites out there. It has become the typical Democrat party line. The Democrats were the party that used to question EVERYTHING, but now ACCEPT everything done by their leaders. Even when their leaders kill more brown people (including little kids) with bombs per week than the sociopathic tyrant George W. Bush did. Even when their leaders jail  more people for pot than George W. Bush did. And even when their beloved leaders want to tap their phones, read their e-mails, and control everything they do.

(Note that those last three links were from the LEFT, not the RIGHT – two links from Huffington Post, one from the ACLU. At least a few Democrats still “get it.”)

What happened, Democrats? You’ve not only turned into your dad, you’ve turned into your Republican great-grandfather, and then become even more square than that.

What happened, Democrats? You used to be cool.

–Michael W. Dean, Freedom Feen.

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7 Responses to Wow Democrats, you used to be COOL. What happened??!!!

  1. Scott R. McFarland

    I have many so called friends that are like this, they are backing people who will take away our liberties and kill us to keep power. They can not see what they do, because they really think “their” guy is for the little guy. Even as they watch them take large donations from Corporations as the Republicans do, but say it is OK because we need a “level playing field”. They are sheep and it has come to the point when it is time to just leave them there to reap what they have sowed. So sad. Great write Michael W. Dean. So very true, but as I said I am afraid that it is truly to late for them.

    • MWD

      Thanks man.

      Feel free to post this on social networks of your Democrat friends. It’s a good way to see who has hope, and who needs to be blocked for life.


  2. Excellent post! Unfortunately most Democrats still see themselves as the cool and enlightened champions of the ‘little guy’. Then they eat their Soma to medicate their cognitive dissonance away.

  3. Richard Onley

    The neolibs are from a generation that rebelled, but never lost its indoctrination in the belief that the American government was as good as they’d been told it was. Now that they’ve become what they once opposed and are too willfully blind and stupid ever to change, the best strategy is to get to their children with drugs, sex, and music, and teach the new generation how to do it right this go-round!

  4. This blogpost has superb share-ability! Will be sending to Democrats AND Republicans :)

    • MWD

      Thanks, Derrick!


  5. Stephanie

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