Federal Government Criticizes the Freedom Feens


Today while going through the litany of e-mails, tweets, etc. that had arrived while I slept off the last bit of my flu, I saw an odd comment waiting for approval on the Freedom Feens Podcast site, on the latest episode, “The Flu Has a Higher Approval Rating Than Congress.” The comment claimed to be from “J. Boehner” with the e-mail: nobody@congress.gov.

The comment was “Our approval rating is because of shows like yours that poison the mind of the people.”

I approved it.

I was (and am) sure it wasn’t actually from House Speaker John Boehner, figured it was just one of the Feens fans playing off our ongoing “Central Scrutinizer” joke theme. Then I noticed the i.p. block was listed as (IP: , housegate12.house.gov):


I did a quick i.p. search and determined that it did in fact come from an actual i.p. address allocated exclusively to the US House of Representatives and their staff:


I did a Google search on the i.p. address and it lead to this talk page on Wikipedia. It’s the talk page for an article called “Congressional computers continue to be used to vandalize Wikipedia.” Here’s an excerpt:

“Wikinews contributors have discovered that members of the United States Congress or members of their staff have recently been making questionable edits to Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia anyone can edit. This continues the trend identified by four exclusive Wikinews reports over a four-year period exposing questionable and fraudulent edits made beginning in 2005 by Congress members or staff.

“Beginning in 2006, Wikinews reported that members of Congress or their staff were vandalizing Wikipedia by removing critical information in various articles, or adding false or offensive information. These edits were and continue to be done using computers owned or operated by the United States government….”

I like the fact that someone working in the US House of Representatives actually found The Feens and complained. Maybe they listened. I’d love to have been a fly on the wall for that.

I find it interesting that they don’t use a proxy to do this, it’s as if they WANT people to know they’re being Internet trolls. I do know that in the private sector you’d get fired for pretending to be your boss’ boss’ boss’ boss and posting crap in his name on the Internet. But I guess this is “good enough for government work.” Nice to see my tax dollars being spent so well. No wonder Congress is seriously considering the Simpsons solution of printing a trillion-dollar coin to “help the debt.”


I actually used to write to my representatives in Congress. Never got anything more than a form letter back. I’m glad that Neema and I have progressed to the point with our media creation that someone in Congress’ staff now takes time out of his busy day to personally insult us and try to “defend their brand” on the Feens podcast blog.

Mission Accomplished.

–Michael W. Dean, Freedom Feen.

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26 Responses to Federal Government Criticizes the Freedom Feens

  1. You originally thought this was from a feens fan. I agree that the comment seemed sarcastic. You seem to be overlooking the possibility that a congressional staffer might in fact be a feens fan.

    • MWD

      He doesn’t sound like much of a fan. If he was kidding, he should have put “LOL”.



      • Shakespeare never used emoticons and I never flag a joke with LOL.

        • MWD


    • Perhaps a Ron Paul staffer?

  2. john

    Should change his name to Senator BONER since that’s all we get anyways!

  3. jerry manders

    Imagine if Wikipedia blocked government IPs… lol

    The establishment trolls wouldn’t be able to hide behind their official connections.

    They’d have to use public APs, their home connections, etc etc

    They’d have to assume a greater risk to troll. It would be worth it!

  4. Aw shit son it’s on now!

  5. New York Stagehand

    Well done guys!

    MWD, I hope you kick the crud!!!

    I’ll be in touch…

    • MWD

      muddy worms!

  6. oooorgle

    Your poison is one of my favorite foods.

  7. Chrisray Holly

    Lulz, well played Mr. Dean

  8. You guys are having WAY too much fun! :)

    Congratulations! And keep that “poison” flowing.

  9. UpsetPatriotJesusConservative

    You people want anarchy? Blood in the streets? We need the government to protect us from freaks like thefreedom feens. I don’t mind paying for essential services like research into bat migratory patterns or restricting candy ciggarettes, it’s people like you who want to destroy nature and our children. What do you think will happen when the police stop working? I’ll tell you. It’ll be cannibalism and debauchery. Man on man on pig on women on squirrel on worm will be a common sight. Mass suicide drug overdose by huffing paper bags full of permanent markers (because no one is rich enough to afford real drugs) will be commonplace. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

    • Crotalus

      Who ya gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!

  10. JHaynes


    Now beware the drones for real,eh?

  11. Gentlemen…you have arrived. *chuckle*

    • MWD

      Like a blessing from the pope. Or one of his cardinals.

  12. Michigan Escapee

    Whoops, bad copy paste on that second link. Should be this one. http://kyrionhackingtutorials.com/2010/11/what-is-ip-spoofing/

  13. Michigan Escapee

    lol. I hate to be the voice of reason but, you remember that
    you’ve been hanging out with loads of Anonymous, assorted hackers,
    and a number of other people who can spoof an IP number in
    their sleep right ?

    The basics covered here. http://searchsecurity.techtarget.com/definition/IP-spoofing and a bit more detailed. http://untraceableman.blogspot.com/2009/01/how-to-spoof-your-ip-address-and-how-it.html

    But who knows, maybe its not some anon boner, and the real deal. I suspect
    if it was the real deal, it would have been in all caps. ;D

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