Ya Boy Comrex!


The Micronation of Nestlandia, including the foreign consulate diplomat Neema Vedadi from the nation of The Anarchic Ordergarchy of Vedadistanski (Neema possesses an honorary Juris Doctorate from Nestlandia’s respected university, CAT U), have finally acquired a Comrex Bric-Link unit to further our Liberty Mission. The State Radio of the National Broadcasting Service of Nestlandia promises to use this amazing tool only for good, and never for evil. And the photographs below prove that we did NOT spend the donations on krokodil and tranny hookers, despite false propaganda and photo-manipulated rumors from our detractors in the New World Order.








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6 Responses to Ya Boy Comrex!

  1. Hesperus

    Man, that thing is tiny! I thought it would be the size of a small chair, you need to get add silver and gold bullion perhaps a shiny gun to that cat pic and post it on cashcats.biz

    • MWD

      I know! It’s so little! For the price it should be bigger, blow you and do your taxes too.

      But I’m glad we got it. I tested it today with the Comrex company tech support people, worked like a charm.


  2. Mark


    • MWD

      Thanks again, man!

      • Mark

        My genuine pleasure. I eagerly await the result.

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