Listening to the Freedom Feens on Radioooooooooo!!!!!!!!

After six months of working toward it, this weekend, May 11th and 12th, IT BEGINS!!!!!! Freedom Feens are syndicated for radio on Genesis Communications Network. You can listen live on selected radio stations or on the GCN streaming feed, Noon-2 PM Central, time every Saturday and Sunday. (That’s 10 AM-Noon West Coast, 11 AM-1 PM Mountain time, and 1 PM-3 PM East Coast time.) CALL-IN NUMBER (during parts of the show where we take calls, we’ll let you know) is 1-800-259-9231. (The old Alex Jones number.)

You can text chat to the Feens live during shows at this link.

OUR 24/7 Freedom Feens STREAMING FEED plays a random loop of all previous shows. Bookmark it!

All live shows are released after they air, as podcasts, on our RSS feed. The Feens also do a non-live podcast show, mid week, every week. Usually around Wednesday, on the same feed.

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WZFG 1100 AM. Fargo, North Dakota / Moorhead, Minnesota. Saturday 2-4 PM. 50,000 watts. Coverage map. Listen link.

KTGO 1090 AM. Tioga, North Dakota. Saturday 3-5 PM. 1,100 watts. Coverage map. Listen link.

WPBQ 1240 AM.  Jackson, MS. Sundays live Noon-2 PM. 880 watts. Coverage map.

More coming daily, and there may be a few of the 500+ GCN affiliate stations that pick up the Feens automatically, we won’t know for a few weeks or so.  This blog post will not be updated, updating list of Feens stations here.

If you are a dedicated Feen, and have cold calling experience and a lot of time on your hands and want to help the Feens get on more stations more quickly, send a resume to the Feens.

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2 Responses to Listening to the Freedom Feens on Radioooooooooo!!!!!!!!

  1. Mark

    Wow, after all this time, it’s finally here. I can’t wait to hear you guys on an actual radio talk show. I suppose it’s a sign of progress that mainstream media is opening up to something other than the usual left/right paradigm. Not a moment too soon!

    • MWD


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