Very nifty piece about the Freedom Feens in today’s Talkers magazine


by Michael Harrison, Talkers magazine:

The Joy of Hearing One’s Syndicated Show in One’s Home Market.  In this era of remote broadcasting and crowded competition, it is not uncommon in talk radio for a syndicated talk show host to be without an affiliate in the market in which he or she actually lives.  Such was the case with Michael W. Dean, the talented co-host of the nationally syndicated Genesis Communications Network (GCN)program “The Freedom Feens.”  That was, until now — as the rapidly growing program has been cleared on KVOC in Dean’s hometown of Casper, Wyoming.  KVOC is owned by Mt. Rushmore Broadcasting which O&Os 14 stations in Wyoming, South Dakota, and Nevada.  Dean is pictured, in this artsy photo, listening to a DB of “The Freedom Feens” on his car radio parked in the shadow of KVOC’s tower.  Ah… the magic of it all!

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3 Responses to Very nifty piece about the Freedom Feens in today’s Talkers magazine

  1. Michigan Escapee

    Now just how long with it be, do you think, before the Casper department of Fish and Hogs applies for a Bearcat to fight the growing tranny crocodile infestation in that part of the world? 😀

    • admin

      Casper’s had a bearcat-type thing for like five years.

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