Feens buttons now come with a movie and more!


When you order a ten-dollar batch of Feens buttons HERE, you now get two packs of five buttons each and also get a home-burned data DVD with the movie Guns and Weed: the Road To Freedom, and a whole bunch of Feens MP3s, and other fun things to entertain you and help keep us drone proof. (Cat not included.) We can also ship to Canada for 6 dollars extra.

All the data is licensed Creative Commons, so you can share it with as many people as you’d like! And sharing it a lot will get you on the Golden Floppy Disc of Redemption!



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4 Responses to Feens buttons now come with a movie and more!

  1. Josh in Dallas


    Really love the new show. You and Bill should have a show or at least a large segment discussing guns. I was really interested when you guys started talking about FALs. I think it would make for a fantastic show.

    Good luck going forward and I’m thrilled to have an alternative to Free Talk Live on a nightly basis.

    Josh in Dallas

  2. How about a sequel. Like “Bump firing, with the non-ammo conservation principle”. 😉

    Or “Tacti-cool vs Tacti-fool. How to know when you got too much crap bolted to your gun”

    Or possibly,”Real Hunting rifles/shotguns. Why you don’t want to drag your pretty, showy, custom $3000+ gun out into the muck, brush, and snow”

    Or better yet, “Spam Can Ammo Anarchist, why surplus guns and ammo are great!”

    I should stop, someone could probably make youtube grade videos of all those topic in about 5 days. 😉

    • admin


    • Josh in Dallas

      I like the way you think.

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