Conservative tries to link Las Vegas cop shootings to Freedom Feens film “Guns and Weed: The Road to Freedom”


Well-known and long-running cranky old loon Cliff Kincaid tried to connect the Freedom Feens’ film Guns and Weed: The Road to Freedom with the recent cop killings in Las Vegas. In a article entitled “Cop-killer was a Pothead” on the ironically named website “Accuracy in Media” Kincaid states:

(Vegas cop killer Jerad) Miller was a doper whose “anti-government” philosophy stemmed from his hatred of the police for arresting him for violating the drug laws. You don’t need to be a forensic scientist to figure this case out….

….Avlon’s CNN performance was even worse. He said, “the rhetoric he (Vegas cop killer Jerad Miller) is parroting really did echo a lot of what we hear on far right-wing talk radio, things like ‘The Alex Jones Show’…”

Jones is not a right-wing talk-radio host. He is a marijuana enthusiast who promoted a movie called “Guns and Weed: The Road to Freedom.” We noted in the past that this combustible combination of drugs and firearms, as preached by Jones, is dangerous for our country.

The inaccurate story on “Accuracy in Media” was reprinted on over 4600 websites. But it’s a tertiary connection at best. If Alex Jones likes a movie, and someone likes Alex Jones, by the transitive properties of (fill in the blank), the movie inspired someone to violence???

I don’t smoke pot. (I’ll have 20 years clean and sober July 7th this year). I don’t promote pot. Alex Jones doesn’t smoke pot. (He quit in high school, saying “It made me paranoid.”) He doesn’t promote pot either. What we both promote is the end of a War on Drugs that promotes a war on liberty in far-reaching areas well beyond drugs, and does exponentially more damage than drugs. (See this recent ABC News piece “Baby in Coma After Police Grenade Dropped in Crib During Drug Raid” for one of literally millions of examples. Note the drug cops blaming the parents.)

Articles were written about Cliff Kincaid’s allegations on the very popular left-wing sites The Raw Story, here, and Conservative Watch, here. Both of those articles mention Kincaid’s linking of the Vegas cop killers with my documentary film.

Media producers cannot control who consumes our output (if the Vegas cop killers ever even did see “Guns and Weed”, I’m not sure they did). Hell, the ONLY book found in the Unabomber’s shack was the extreme environmentalist screed Earth in the Balance by Al Gore. That book proposes carbon taxes and a government takeover of pretty much everything. (Hmmmmm…maybe that connection does make sense.)

People are responsible for their own actions. No film, heavy metal song or video game ever made anyone do anything. Conservatives present themselves as the opposite of liberals in every way. They’re not. Both want to point the government guns at everyone, just in slightly different areas of our lives. And both love to “blame the thing not the person” which is antithetical to true liberty and personal responsibility. Kincaid (and the 4600 sites that re-blogged his article) blaming murders on my movie is as crazy as liberals wanting to outlaw guns, super-sized sodas and Bitcoin.

A lot of conservatives flipped out when Obama said that people aren’t smart enough to govern themselves. But conservative firebrand Cliff Kincaid blaming deaths on a movie is the same thing. Ditto for the thousands of conservatives who re-blog him.

Cliff Kincade has gone after my film before, trying to blame it and Porcfest for the collapse of western civilization in his 2012 piece, Drugs, Guns and Madness in the Ron Paul Revolution. That pack o’ lies has since been re-blogged 8620 times.

FWIW, Cliff Kincade is funded by Mellon oil billionaire heir, Richard Mellon Scaife.

Guns and Weed: The Road to Freedom will be showing at Porcfest on Thursday June 26th at 9 PM. I’ll be doing a Q&A after, and selling copies cheap. You can watch the trailer and download a free torrent of the film here.

–Michael W. Dean,
host of the national radio show Freedom Feens (syndicated on Genesis Communications Network)

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15 Responses to Conservative tries to link Las Vegas cop shootings to Freedom Feens film “Guns and Weed: The Road to Freedom”

  1. As a proud marijuana smoker of 45 years standing, I m sick and tired of having to apologize for it. I battled cancer for over 25 years, got through 10 cancer surgeries with pot, last three with no pain medication at all, serious surgeries including open heart and a kidney removal. That is the medical side. Do I apologize for the recreational use? Fuck no. I am sick of being demonized. Obama put more potheads in jail than his predecessor, DEA head Leonhart must have some real nasty pics of him doing something naughty, his U.S. Attorneys have been an utter disgrace as well. Hopey changey turned out to be total bullshit.

    • admin

      Robert, I feel ya.

      My daughter (my only child) died of leukemia in 2006. The two years before that she broke the law to smoke pot to get some relief. The thought that some cop roach could have thrown her in prison for that is what turned me into a libertarian.

      40 years of “working within the system” hasn’t gotten us very far with pot laws. Now if you’re dying, in some states, you can pay money and get a permit!

      Sheesh. Governments are so square.


      • Can’t imagine your pain…So sorry. Robert

        • admin

          Thank you.

  2. Michigan Escapee

    lol! Yeah, either this guy never heard of the Streisand Effect, or he’s your biggest booster.

    Granted, both attempts were pretty lame. The first time you were just background entertainment of some gays playing hackysack who were open carrying. Probably an interlude between the big gay dance party, and something else.

    The next time around, it’s a pissed off nazi who shot some cops because the system said he couldn’t smoke no dope. Yeah, maybe the movie could be a tie in, but only if you were trying a desperate publicity stunt. Would think the gun training video would have more of a relevance.

    Now the Selby movie, It/ll Be Better Tomorrow, that’s weird enough to inspire, I dunno, something crazy.

    Or DIY or Die, surely that’s inspired several people to form degenerate punk bands, do some bad spoken word Vogon Poetry, or other horrors(artsy coffee table books and the like).

    And the kink podcast, oh man, giving bad/naughty peeps worse ideas. Play that on a loop for the Gitmo detainees, they wouldn’t know what the hell was going on. 😀

    • admin

      “The first time you were just background entertainment of some gays playing hackysack who were open carrying.”


  3. Dennis J. Garbis

    Eloquent and accurate response to stupidity! Very well said, Michael…

    • admin

      Worms. I did spend some time re-writing it to get it perfect. lol.


  4. Michael, I don’t think the shooting was all your fault:

    “Miller’s anti-government rants ramped up after he served seven days in jail for a pot-related conviction.”

    Maybe the the shooter was suffering from PTSD and snapped when he saw those two guys eating lunch. The attack may have been triggered by his seeing their costumes which looked eerily similar to those worn by the men who had previously captured him and held him in a cage for a week.

  5. It’s been said that there is no such thing as “bad publicity” so basically these clowns are just getting more viewers for the movie. (Of course, this does not diminish the fact that their rhetoric is dangerous fear-mongering!) That being said, I’ve never met anyone who ONLY used cannabis AND got violent. The problem is that most substances clear the system and are not detectable by standard tests much faster than cannabinoids do, which makes it an easy target.

    • admin

      FWIW: The shooters’ neighbors said the shooters were meth heads.


  6. OOOh, does this mean I’m famous? :) Say hello to the Porcupines for me, Michael.

    • admin

      Thanks Mama! Yup. and Yup. You’re parts in the movie are some of the best sections.

      As often, you’re starting your day as I’m going to sleep….Time to pass the torch to you for the next shift of liberty!


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