Free “Guns, Weed and ANARCHY: The Road to Freedom” torrents


Guns, Weed and ANARCHY: The Road to Freedom
(Statism-Free shorter director’s cut of “Guns and Weed: The Road to Freedom”)
Guns And Weed without the constitution … It’s like Star Wars without Jar Jar Binks!

76- minute 2014 Anarchist cut (better than the 99-minute original!). Watch the whole film on YouTube HERE.

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Torrent of great-looking  HD h.264 rip (1.6 Gb)

Torrent of DVD .iso file (4 Gb)

Whole film HD on YouTube:

Stuff I cut to make the Anarchist version (is also DVD extra on DVD):

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Neema and I finished the original Guns and Weed: The Road to Freedom and released the DVD in Spring of 2011. A lot of people dug it. I was a minarchist while making the film, and became an anarcho-capitalist around the time the movie was released.

I hadn’t watched the film since it came out. I’m a busy guy, and when I finish one large project, I don’t dwell on my laurels, I move on to the next project.

I finally watched the film again when I showed it to about 35 people at Porcfest. Watching it with a crowd, I kept thinking to myself, “Man, there sure is a lot of small-government statism in this.” Before the film even finished showing, I’d decided I’d do a shorter cut free of all the Constitution Humping when I got home.


We got back to Wyoming on Sunday night, and by Tuesday, I was working on the cut. It only took about 8 hours to do it (not counting outputting the files and uploading to YouTube and torrents), because I’d already done it in my mind during the showing and on the plane home. I took 3 passes through the movie, cutting more each time. I brought the film down from 99 minutes to a much better, more watchable (and statism free) 74 minutes.

I put the whole new movie on YouTube, and also released it as a DVD .iso torrent and an HD rip torrent. I saved the 22 minutes I cut out and posted it on YouTube, and also used the cut sections as a DVD extras of the DVD I made.

A few clips I cut aren’t statist, but is just stuff that I thought just didn’t work after seeing the film with new eyes after 3 years when I showed it at Porcfest. Also, I had to leave in a couple instances of people saying “citizens” instead of “people” and using the royal “we”, where those mentions were in the context of larger things that needed to stay. And there is that “Don’t Tred On Me flag” behind Shane M. Scheid. Displaying that flag for Shane’s interview was my minarchist choice when I made the film. I’m not into that flag anymore, but needed to leave it in because Shane is so damn solid on all the info he delivers on how the world actually works, and how things would work in the absence of government regulatory bodies. (Though if you wanna see all that in action, go to Porcfest! Porcfest IS LibPar!)

The DVD is really quick-n-dirty, menu wise. And the chapter points are random, just inserted to make it easier to get around the disc, without actually going to chapter starts. I just wanted to get this out the door and share with the world. But the encode is solid and looks good, and the simple menus actually work, unlike some DVDs I’ve seen.

I hope you enjoy this, I’m pretty proud of it. The film works much better now, and is more indicative of the truth I feel in my heart of hearts.


It’s a document I didn’t sign. Therefore, it’s slavery to be forced to live under it. It was also set up to allow exactly the tyrannical government we have now (read more here and here and listen here). While the Bill of Rights has some OK stuff in it, no politician (except one, and he retired after getting shut out of the process) has ever followed it anyway. And clinging to it allows for expansion of government, despite what most Constitution lovers believe.

Please seed the torrents, and please share this post far and wide.

–Michael W. Dean, Freedom Feen. July 2, 2014.

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  1. Michigan Escapee

    lol! Wow, when watching the thing my main thought was, “Damn they look young!” and it was only 3 years ago.

    • admin

      Sparing over the microphones with the government has aged me.

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