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  • “Goin’ Up the Hamster” – theme song for Liberty Migration to New Hampshire


    DJ and I were sitting around tonight discussing the book “Weird Scenes Inside The Canyon”, and the topic of the song “San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear a Flower in Your Hair)” came up. The book said the song probably caused hundreds of thousands of people to move to San Francisco in the 60s.

    We decided Free State Project needed its own song like that. We revamped the Canned Heat song “Goin’ Up the Country” into a fun little ditty.

    We did have one line that didn’t make it into the song. The line was “If you got no place to stay, you can sleep on Ian Freeman’s floor.” But we cut that before recording it, we figured Ian wouldn’t dig it. lol.

    Singing: DJ Dean
    Guitar, Bass, drums and whistling: Michael W. Dean

    I’m goin’ up the Hampster
    Baby, don’t you wanna go?
    I’m going up the Hampster
    Baby, don’t you wanna go?
    I’m goin’ to some place
    Where freedom lives today

    I’m goin’, I’m goin’
    Where the Bitcoin spends like cash

    I’m goin’
    Where the Bitcoin spends like cash
    We can start a mining pool
    Stay flush all the time

    I’m gonna leave this tyranny
    Got to get away
    I’m gonna leave this tyranny
    Got to get away
    All these square ol’ laws
    Man, you know I sure can’t stay

    Now baby, pack your rifle
    And we’ll hit the road today
    Just exactly what we’ll do there I cannot say
    But we might even secede the U.S.A.
    Liberty’s a brand new game that I just wanna play

    No use of still voting
    For stealing and lying
    The Free State’s our new home
    Porc Fest all the time!

    Turn your cash into liberty!

  • Tweak in Review – 19-second Freedom Feens Jingle


    This song is just a little something MWD threw together to introduce the last segment of each live radio show. Couldn’t wait until the weekend to share it. Plus, it’s now stuck in his head, so it should be stuck in yours. Put it on a loop for an hour or two. Groovy, baby…..

    Guitar, bass and vocals: Michael W. Dean. Song and meme image are under a Creative Commons sharealike attribution license. Spread ‘em around.

    Name the song MWD took the drum sample from and win a pack of Freedom Feens buttons. (US shipping only.)

    Also wanted to share this new meme.


    Turn your cash into liberty!

  • Michael Dean Vs. Adam Vs. The Man


    Michael W. Dean doing 25 minutes on Adam Vs. The Man podcast “Jailhouse Rock” telethon, yacking with Liz, Darrell and Ed, July 23, 2013.

    Fundraiser site for Adam’s legal defense.

    Turn your cash into liberty!

  • Neema Vedadi’s Christmas Gift to the World


    A Gun for Everyone (except for government)


    A gun for everyone
    A gun for everyone
    Listen up son, we need a gun for everyone
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    Turn your cash into liberty!

  • Obama’s Feet Stink (new Freedom Feens rap song with Rich Black)

    So instead of the usual Feens Tuesday episode, today we have a special treat. The master recording, for free (!), of the new Feens hip-hop song with Rich Black, “Obama’s Feet Stink.” Rich Black provided his vocals, but is not in the video, because he lives in New Jersey and Hurricane Sandy hit there last night and cut off his power just as he was uploading his video. (He let us know via iPhone.) This collaboration is a dope track, has great rapping (and fun dancing!) from Neema, the best mix Neema’s ever done, and we are really proud of it. The song is about how there’s no difference between Obama and Romney, how voting is stupid, and how OBAMA’S FEET STINK!

    PLEASE SHARE THE VIDEO, WE ARE TRYING TO GET THIS ONE TO GO VIRAL before the election! (We’re gonna need all the help we can get, with much of the Eastern Seaboard of the US without power.)

    Video link:


    CREDITS: RICH BLACK (Andre Anarcho-Capitalist Palm, a.k.a MC Fuck You, a.k.a Silver Stax):  Words, rapping, beat.
    MC LIE-BARRY  (Neema Vedadi, a.k.a. MC Choreboy, a.k.a. NeemaV): rapping, beat, words, mixing. mastering.
    DJ CONIACAL THE SCRIBE (MC Micromanage, a.k.a Michael W. Dean): Guitar, bass, background vocals on chorus, words, video editing.
    Thanks to Jessica Romanowski-Vedadi for the camerawork on Neema.

    Label: Angry Peasant Records.

    Links: Rich Black‘s YouTube. Mc Lie-Barry and DJ Conical the Scribe’s Freedom Feens Podcast.


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    Turn your cash into liberty!

  • The Freedom Feens Ninja Hero Action Hour Anti-Pepper Spray Theme Song

    DJ Silencer and MC Choreboy (Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi) lay down a one-minute pre-holiday tune for your dancing and dining pleasure. It’s the theme song for an imaginary Saturday morning cartoon show, “The Freedom Feens Ninja Hero Action Hour.”


    Go Go Freedom Feens!

    Freedom Feens!
    Helping the helpless.
    Freedom Feens!
    Saving the universe!
    Freedom Feens!
    Doing the things that are good.

    Saving the world from the state.
    Fighting the forces of hate.

    Freedom Feens!
    Helping the helpless.
    Freedom Feens!
    Kicking the hornet’s nest.
    Freedom Feens!
    Doing the things that are good.

    Keeping the tasers away.
    You should be free not a slave.

    Freedom Feens!
    Helping the helpless.
    Freedom Feens!
    Saving the universe!
    Freedom Feens!
    Doing the things that are good.

    Drones and some pepper spray.
    The FedGoons will torture you.
    But you’ll hear the truth today
    and we will not force you to.

    Stoppin’ the cops on the block.
    Freedom Feens on the clock.

    Ain’t never gonna stop and the Glocks go Blau!

    Turn your cash into liberty!

  • Freedom of Ingestion – Dueling

    A between-episode-treat – two short hip-hop punk songs written and performed by Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi from the movie “Guns and Weed: The Road to Freedom.” Available for sale on Amazon but released free to our wonderful subscribers to show our appreciation.


    Words and Music Copyright 2010 Neema V. and Right Arm of Wyoming (Michael W. Dean)

    Hello freedom fiends!
    It’s your boy, Neem
    from the US, get the US
    out my bloodstream!

    I own me and that
    includes endorphins.
    No, I won’t ask permission
    and I won’t say please!

    Freedom fans, one fact
    that I gotta make clear is:
    If you ain’t about your heater
    than you’re nothing but a THEORIST!

    You can read and type,
    but when the jackers coming
    I know you’ll lose the fight
    on your ass with your thumb in!

    Senatorial page: Good morning Senator! Here’s your coffee!
    Senator: Thanks, I’ll need it. I have so many laws
    to write before November.
    Senatorial page: I’m so excited!
    Senator: You should be. A slim majority lets me tell EVERYONE
    what to do.

    Freedom of ingestion!
    It’s more than a suggestion!
    And though it ain’t a question
    but those hos just keep oppressing.
    And so we teaching lessons
    for those with chiefin sessions
    and those with Smith & Wessons

    DUELING (Don’t Try This at Home!)
    Words and Music Copyright 2010 Neema V. and Right Arm of Wyoming (Michael W. Dean)

    Regulations are some fake laws
    Stealin’ and killin’ are the real crimes
    But flippin’ dimes will get you real time.
    It’s a pity that the they skew the difference.

    Schools ain’t cures,
    for sure
    they always work against us!

    I’m cool with you dueling
    much more cool than
    public schooling.
    To duel is voluntary,
    school’s a part-time prison.
    Unlike a duel,
    school is not your decision


    You know what else isn’t?

    Turn your cash into liberty!