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But who would build the blockchain-based 4-way FeenPhone shows over Linux? – historic Freedom Feens radio archive


152408MK Lords, Michael W. Dean, Chandler St. Pierre and Hugo Gonzalez (from Mexico City’s RadioBarraLibre podcast) do two historic firsts and build the roads live on air: Hugo is coming in on FeenPhone on Linux (with Windows virtualization). And it’s the first-ever four-way live show via FeenPhone.

Topics include “is your TV spying on you?” and why putting bad stuff on a blockchain doesn’t make it good stuff. Also: why it’s better to be non-government than anti-government.

Check out The BipCot NoGov open-source license.

Co-hosts on this show recorded over FeenPhone.

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Effective Libertarians Study Claire Wolfe – Freedom Feens live radio archive


Claire WolfeDerrick J. Freeman and Chandler St. Pierre discuss OG libertarian Claire Wolfe.

Claire Wolfe on Good Living Skills

All Claire’s books on Amazon

Claire’s free eBook: Rats! Your guide to protecting yourself against snitches, informers, informants, agents provocateurs, narcs, finks, and similar vermin

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I’ll have Scotch with That – Freedom Feens live radio archive


soylent feenMichael W. Dean yacks with new Freedom Feens co-host Dan Greene of the only libertarian podcast in Scotland, The Greening Out Podcast. Topics include Black Metal, Leviathan (Jef Whitehead a.k.a. Wrest) and his tattoo of Michael’s band Bomb, and differences between the US and the UK from a liberty standpoint.

This episode recorded with Dan Greene coming in over FeenPhone.

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How to run FeenPhone on your Mac computer

young-steve-jobsI’ve grown tired of people demanding “MAKE FeenPhone WORK FOR MY _________ DEVICE!” It’s actually become a series of memes by people who have heard me complain. But Dr. Crab Crabinstein found a way to do it, and it only takes 34 easy steps! I tested it with him running it on his Mac, he sounded good. It works. So here’s his guest post:



Today we will be discussing Running FeenPhone on a Mac. Please be aware that this will be for newer macs. (Any Mac with a 64-bit Intel processor. Compatible with Core 2 Duo, Xeon, i3, i5, i7 processors or newer. Mac OS X 10.8.0 or later, Mac OS X 10.8.5 or later recommended.) 1

1. Download VMware Fusion free trial (Select either version. Pro is more expensive if you choose to buy after 60 days).

2. Download Windows 10 free Preview (Visit Download Links and select Language)
3. Open the .DMG file that downloaded.
4. Double Click to install.
5. Once Installation is complete, please select “File” at the top of your screen and then select “New”.
6. Choose “Install from disc or image” and click continue.
7. Select “Use another disc or disc image”.
8. Select the Windows 10 Preview ISO file that you downloaded earlier and then click “Continue”.

9. Select “Finish”

10. “Save” the VM.

11. A Fusion window showing Windows 10 should have started up. If so, click “Next”.

12. Select “Install now”

13.Select “I Accept these terms” and then select “Next”

14. Select “Custom: Install Windows Only (advanced)”

15. Select “Next”

16. Select “Use Express Settings”

17. Select “Create a new account”
18. Scroll to the Bottom and select “Sign in without a Microsoft account”
19. Enter a User Name under ‘First Name’ and then select ‘Next’
20. Click the blue “e” icon on the bottom of the windows taskbar (this will open internet explorer).
21. Type into the address bar in internet explorer.
22. Select “Download” from the feenphone website, located on the upper left quarter of the page.
23. Select the “Black Bird in the Yellow Circle” picture.
24. Select “run” at the bottom of the internet explorer browser.
25. Select “Next”
26. Select “Next”

27. Select “Next”

28. Select “Next”

29. Select “Install”

30. Select “Yes”

31. Select “Finish”

32. Select the “X” on the upper right corner of internet explorer to close it (Select close all tabs if given the option).

33. Double Click “FeenPhone” icon the desktop.

34. Visit: and read it.

You’re done.

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On Writing with The Freedom Feens, part 2


SaulOfficeOutsideAuthors Davi Barker, Randy England and Michael W. Dean have a roundtable discussion about the craft of writing. Also discussed is Hubert Selby Jr’s influence on American literature, cinema and TV.  And the Feens have some fun chatter & banter about “Better Call Saul“, and various uses of The Statue of Liberty in iconography.

Davi Barker’s books

Michael W. Dean’s books

Randy England’s books: Free is Beautiful, The Last Fisherman: A novel of the last pope, the anti-christ, and the end of the age, Unicorn in the Sanctuary.

This episode recorded with the hosts coming in over FeenPhone.


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Libertarian Sociopathy – Freedom Feens radio


Libertarian SociopathyDavi Barker and Michael W. Dean explain why “the insane have always loved liberty.” They also have an extended “on writing” discussion about why successful artists like having an editor.

And they explain why blog posts and link bait are just chalk on the sidewalk, waiting for the rain. HITS = How Idiots Measure Success.

Davi is connecting to Michael via FeenPhone. And it sounds DAMN good.

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Freedom Feens: the WORMS in the apple of public education



MK Lords, Michael W. Dean and Nick Hazelton talk about the pitfalls of public education, the advantages of self-education, Billy Holliday’s long hard battle with the US Federal goons, the brilliance of Frank Zappa, jazz as a weapon, anarchy in music, and Michael’s embarrassing yet rockin’ Constitution humping one-man punk band from 2009, Right Arm of Wyoming (MP3s here). (Lyrics for all songs.)

Plus Michael Dean’s long slow retirement from radio, and the Feens secret plan and path going forth. Guess it and win a prize!

After the show, “Single Crackling Blue Flash”, one of Right Arm of Wyoming’s songs mentioned but not played during the show:

All my dreams
And all my schemes
any chance
to use my things,
all the moments with my wife
all the cats I’ve had in life
gone from me in an instant.

All my family
All my friends
All my data.

The skies will end
in an instant.

All my skills and
All my bills

Autumn trees crackle barren
stunning sunsets
stolen kisses
hits and misses
love and fame and

all my books and all my notes and
all the junk I ever wrote

Doesn’t matter, I carry on
I’m too alive not to,
Even after my heart stops beating.

Everything gone in a single crackling blue flash
It’s all gone
But I carry on
You’ll carry on
We’ll carry on.


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Derrick J and Chandler St. Pierre rock the airwaves – Freedom Feens radio


FeenGasmDerrick J. and Chandler St. Pierre rock the airwaves. It’s good stuff. Worms!


Free Staters Freak Out School “Bored” Voting for More Freedom

Victimless Crime Spree Song

Victimless Crime Spree Movie

Be Independent When Using Technology

FeenPhone dedicated server worked great!

FeenPhone dedicated server getting set up

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Step 7 in Statists Anonymous – Freedom Feens radio



Ben Stone the Bad Quaker, Michael W. Dean And Lousander Feen (in the second hour) drop Part Seven in their 36-part series, “Adopting and Adapting the 12 Steps, 12 Traditions and 12 Concepts of World Service of Alcoholics Anonymous to treating the disease of Statism, the disease of clinging to bad ideas, and the disease of clinging to bad people.”

Michael and Ben give their experience, strength and hope on Step Seven: “We humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings.”

Read Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of AA free online. (This is a book that Ben says is as important to liberty as anything by Ludwig von Mises.)

Read A User’s Manual For The Human Experience by Michael W. Dean.

Get FeenPhone

Donate to FeenPhone

The Freedom Feens have no connection to Alcoholics Anonymous and are using the 12 Steps, 12 Traditions and 12 Concepts of AA in the open-source way that AA allows, as long as it is made clear there is no endorsement from AA.

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