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The Freedom Feens Scare Brendon Small, Creator of Dethklok, by Teaching Him about Krokodil – Live Radio Interview



The Freedom Feens yack about how dumb politicians are. Then at 46 minutes, Brendon Small, The Mel Brooks meets Frank Frazetta of the guitar, creator of Dethklok and Metalocalypse comes on and talks about “humor is death”, gear, Blood Ocean, ribbon microphones, his upcoming projects, his childhood, and how dumb musicians are when they talk about politics. Then the Feens introduce Brendon to the existence of the drug Krokodil, he looks it up on Google Images (DO NOT CLICK HERE). Brendon’s eyes fall out and all he can say is “Brutal……” The Feens then suggest that there should be a Dethklok song called “Krokodil Chemtrails.”

New album: Metalocalypse: the DOOMSTAR requiem SOUNTRACK is available on iTunes oct 29th.


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