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Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi talk about NUREMBERG TRIALS FOR THE DRUG WARRIORS, Michael’s free libertarian recovery and self-help book A USER’S MANUAL FOR THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE, Secret Bill To Be Voted On Would Allow The Military To Sweep Up US Citizens At Home Or Abroad, Sen. Joe Lieberman: Google’s Blogger needs ‘terrorist’ button, the thread on Free State Project (NH) website from 2009 where you can SEE Michael Dean become a libertarian, how to teach libertarianism to doubters, BitCoin mining accidents, cops raid wrong house then send house a bill, MOTION PICTURE PRODUCTION CODE (CENSORSHIP), This Film Is Not Yet Rated, Busted For A Half Ounce Facing 99 years, Patty Hearst, Obama’s truck and Teleprompters go missing, Individuals with powers of arrest, and how Richard Nixon’s “enemies list” is like Obama’s “Attack Watch” website.

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The Declaration of Independence, a Line in the Sand

Another short between-episodes treat, Michael and Neema talk about the coolest founding document in American history, then we hear it read by the sultry-voiced Debra Jean Dean.

Notice the litany of charges the Founding Fathers made against the King of England, and notice how our current American government is currently doing ALL THAT AND MORE.

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