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I blame the governments. Freedom Feens live radio archive



Randy England and Michael W. Dean discuss how the governments of the world not only steal your labor and throw you into a cage, they also have no duty to protect you. Garrett Fox joins for a segment, then is jettisoned like a kitty leaping from his favorite box. Worms.

Without government, who would allocate radio/TV frequencies/bandwidth?

Also included are some podcast editing tips.

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The Care and Feeding of Your Hippies – Freedom Feens live radio archive




Derrick J. and Michael Feen Dean are joined by Lousander Feen and his hippies to discuss Porcfest, the Assault Kitchen, art, anarchy, the Army, and non-violent communication techniques from Marshall Rosenberg.

After the show, we hear 10 minutes of MWD on FTL yammering on about the joys of Porcfest, and how it was a life-changing experience for him and DJ.

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Global Worming – Freedom Feens mid-week rant



Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi discuss radio hosts possibly being gaslighted by the government, Facebook is net neutrality in action, Iron Maiden is cooler than Metallica by far, The NSA Actually Intercepted Packages to Put Backdoors in Electronics, and THE hipster in Slacker yacking about people not voting.

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Feen Drone, Feen Drone



The Feens tell you how not to be a fear monger and rumor spreader when it comes to tyranny media, they talk about audio gear, and have an amazing sound. They imitate a call from bad libertarian Paul Anderson, then actually take a call from bad libertarian Paul Anderson. Michael wonders if Paul Anderson is a sociopath, and Paul Anderson wonders if Stefan Molyneux is a sociopath. The Feens also review the punk rock movie Suburbia and the great documentary on YouTube called Broadcasting’s Forgotten Father, the Charles Herrold Story, which is about the first-ever talk radio host in 1911.


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The Freedom Feens Agenda, show 1


Our first-ever show on Adam Curry’s No Agenda Global Radio. In this episode, Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi chat unfettered with breaks for two hours, taking calls from liberty lovers and having a blast. They yack about Richard Stallman’s Sisyphean struggle to make the world see things his way, the free market of words, when will the State be able to erase libertarian thoughts?, The “Golden-Age Thinking” fallacy, Wikipedia’s libertarian influence from Hayek and Eric S. Raymond, GNU/Linux, Free Software, Open Source, and BDSM is NOT Stockholm Syndrome.


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