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The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Cops – Freedom Feens radio


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Dan Greene  and Lousander Feen host.

Hashtag: #GreatestThingSinceSlicedCops

Dan Greene and Lousander Feen were joined briefly by MWD and discussed property rights in Texas, Can you shoot dogs to protect cats in Texas? Why people love their oppressors, Food shortages and Venezuela feeling the Bern.

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Co-hosts talked over the miles via FeenPhone!

The Freedom Feens is covered by a BipCot No-Government License This allows re-use by anyone except governments. Learn more at bipcot.org

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Socialism for Packages – Freedom Feens radio archive



In possibly the best-sounding Freedom Feens episode ever, Davi Barker and Michael W. Dean talk about execution-style talk radio, Molyneux’s Labour Theory of Value, Oliver Arms‘ art, how “libertarian welfare queens” is now a thing, Banker’s Heart, Strange Days, comparing the last days of the Soviet Union with the current America, and FeenPhone kicking so much butt.

Soviet Amerika meme by Davi Barker.

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Derrick J and Randy England save the world – commercial-free Freedom Feens radio archive



Derrick J. Freeman and Randy England explain why cops are just normal (if aggressive) folks in funny costumes who believe they have magical powers.

Judge Burke Fails (Again) to Meet Deadline in Derrick’s Concealed Carry Case

Former Jail Guard Darryl W Perry Goes to Jail Over Wrong Piece of Plastic

Victimless Crime Constitutes 86% of The Federal Prison Population

Ross Ulbrecht Prevented from List of Witnesses, Judge Suspects He’d Kill Them

New Anarchist-Proposed NH Bill Expands Availability of Drug that Reverses Overdoses

New Hampshire’s Libertarian Beer Renaissance

Thank you for your service!

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Freedom Feens LIVE! – great ad for new call-in show


If you want a high-quality WAV of the audio of this ad, the link is in the first comment, below.

Live Streaming call-in show, tell two friends!

In addition to the usual weekly podcast, which comes out sometime between Tuesday and Thursday, the Feens are now doing a second weekly show on the Liberty Radio Network, and it’s LIVE! You can call in with your questions or comments.

Freedom Feens LIVE! expands on the Feens’ weekly Wednesday podcasts, but now they’re kicking the hornets’ nest live. Talk back to the back talkers every Sunday from 5-7 PM Eastern. Call in soon, before they get droned!

Live studio number: 765-27-FEENS.

Calling is free from most phones, as most plans now include free long distance in the US. We’ll eventually be adding a Skype line for non-US listeners. Though if you have a paid Skype account, you can call our phone number on that in the meantime.

Live listen link is HERE.

Other internet and phone listening options are here.

Show Times in different US time zones:

5-7 PM Sunday Eastern time
4-6 PM Sunday Central time
3-5 PM Sunday Mountain time
2-5 PM Sunday West Coast time

Satellite (Free-to-Air)

You can also listen anywhere in North America via KU Satellite Radio. Galaxy 19, Transponder 11, 11929 MHz, Vertical Polarization, Symbol Rate: 22000 , SID: 16, ONID-TID: 3016.

Here’s our current coverage map.

KU radio north america map

Why pay monthly for satellite radio, when you can get Freedom Feens LIVE! and the rest of LRN.FM (and many other great and interesting shows and stations) on satellite for free? Audio quality is better than with Internet streaming. LRN.fm has launched 24-7 broadcast on Free-to-Air Ku-Band Satellite.

If you have a view of 97 degrees West in the southern sky in North America, you only need to get a Ku-band dish and Free-to-Air receiver, hook it up, and you’ve got LRN.FM (and a bunch of other channels) 24/7 with no subscription fees! (It also makes for a good audio source with which you can rebroadcast LRN on FM or AM!)

You can buy inexpensive KU Sattelite recievers and dishes HERE.  Go here for a detailed signal map with minimum dish width for your location.

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Neema Vedadi talks about why he quit his mainstream media job, and tells us from an insider’s view what is wrong with mainstream media, and why he’d rather podcast than broadcast. Then Neema and Michael W. Dean discuss how you can promote the Feens, how the Liberty Radio Network is syndicating Freedom Feens, Ron Paul, Panarchy, how the corporatist “Tea Party” is co-opting the language (but not the ethics) of libertarianism, California banning rave toys, NY cops framing people for drugs, how Alcoholics Anonymous is a good example of a non-profit free market in action, Autotune in crack documentaries, The good film Black And Blue – Legends Of The Hip Hop Cop, the AMAZING film The Baader Meinhof Complex, how some analysts are skeptical of the alleged Iranian plot, how Obama’s boys are going after Free Speech, how the feds are trying to outlaw satire, and the pure simple pleasures of drinking strong coffee at 4 AM.

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Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi talk about how Apple now has more cash on hand than the US Government, they eulogize Steve Jobs, talk up Steve Smith and Vaporsmith e-ciggs. They discuss stupid tobacco laws, celebrate that Ian Freeman’s out of jail, yack about Michael Frante and Spearhead, why GoDaddy is like if the government ran the Internet, Robert Anton Wilson’s “Guns and Dope Party”, Corporatism, Thomas Edison started GE, who pay no taxes still, the A-Tyranny General, Operation Wide Receiver, The Military-Industrial-Light Bulb complex, Blood money and what’s good about the Saudi legal system, the cool 81-year old feminist lesbian anarchist Ursula K. LeGuin, Microbroadcasters Dale Gribble and Art Bell, an America-legal FM transmitter kit you could use to broadcast Freedom Feens (or anything) up a mile, how people should be archiving our episodes in case we’re shut down, or droned, the LRN.fm site with more technical info on microbroadcasting, FM pre-emphasis, how cats are less pets and more like strange roommates, Michael’s cat eating a dresser, Feds closing Cali pot stores, why many NRA members are hypocrites, a good documentary on pirate radio, playing “The Game of Life” with libertarian rules, the government’s attempt to beg rather than coerce for once, AND WE GIVE AWAY A DIGITAL CAMERA!

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