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Scott Horton’s History Of The World, Part 1 – Freedom Feens live radio archive



Neema Vedadi is out making babies, so the Freedom Feens are honored to have Scott Horton of The Scott Horton Show filing in. It’s just MWD and Scott today. It’s like Clapton jamming after hours with Hendrix, if Clapton just laid back and played rhythm.

Avid indoorsman Michael W. Dean asks Scott one question, “Why is their unrest in the Middle East?” and Scott drops mad science for two hours straight. Topics include: World War I, World War II, The Ottoman Empire, Commie-Nazis, “dividing up the empire over tea”, U.S. Imperialism, U.K. Imperialism, Mali, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Israel, Afghanistan, blowback, what the U.S. SHOULD have done the day after 9/11, why the terrorists are laughing at the U.S.’s increasing encroachment on U.S. citizen’s rights, “get rid of your empire or live under it”, the difference between hating a nation’s foreign policy and damning its citizens, why everything is either Woodrow Wilson’s fault or Charlie Wilson’s fault, and much much more.

Then Scott talks a little bit about how there IS hope despite everything above.

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Before libertarianism, and after

Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi explain “what is libertarianism?” and answer the question “Why do libertarians love guns?” Then they talk about how when worms are outlawed, only outlaws will have worms, and how minarchists are people who believe that the government doesn’t do things well so the government should only do really IMPORTANT things. They explain how, with nanny laws, THERE’S A GUN HIDDEN UNDER THAT STACK OF PAPERS, they talk about THE WELFARE / WARFARE STATE, problems with condenser microphones not working, Counting Crows, David Immergluck, J-Church, dealing with dry skin, an ex-newscaster explains how the mainstream media spins its lies – and why the Feens don’t have to lie, an Iranian American talks about Iran, Israel teams with terror group to kill Iran’s nuclear scientists, how you can help put all the Freedom Feens episodes on YouTube and get more subscribers for your channel, Judge Napolitano fired from Fox Business, the new Anarchy Cologne, judge says “Owning assault gun, growing pot are immoral“, LAPD Pioneers High-Tech Crime-Fighting ‘War Room’ it its war on the People, I.P. law and anarchy, Catholics hate the new birth control laws, the upcoming movie about the Outhouse punk club, and “It’s a Jetson’s World.”


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Leave Me Alone Where the Buffalo Roam

Episode 2, our official April Fool’s Day launch! (NO JOKE!)

Michael and Neema talk about how the government AND your some of your neighbors try to keep you from getting the right MEDICINE for what ails you – even if you have cancer, how that kind of central planning worked out in Communist Europe, “doing whatever you want as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody”, the value of making money and letting nature take its course with market corrections and EVERYTHING, growing up and out of Communism, Middle Easterners vs. the Soviets, why the “government friend finder” wouldn’t work, what to do about the wife beater upstairs, non-government restraining orders, walking naked across the college campus, guns, weed, how to declare your home a sovereign micronation, writing letters to the president, cool quote from our good friend Warren Kruse, how “registering” anything is becoming a business partner with an unfriendly entity, the libertarian self-help book A USER’S MANUAL FOR THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE, and keeping a positive attitude in an increasingly horrible world.

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