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Is it a violation of the NAP to send an army of assassins over a creepy phone call? – Freedom Feens radio archive


Lousander Feen, Michael W. Dean and MK Lords discuss Jeff Berwick’s possibly true threats on his Facebook page (HERE and HERE) over a fake “virtual kidnapping”, the joys of wanting to vomit while listening to mainstream conservative talk radio, and the fun topic of the Free Rangers un-scouting program.

Article about how extremely common “virtual kidnappings” are in Mexico (New York Times)

Article “Atlas Mugged” about Galt’s Gulch (Vice Magazine)

Libertarians Against Humanity

Freedom Feen Dianna Keiler reads David Gordon’s “Rothbard On Self-Defense and War” for Mises Institute.

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Freedom Feens Michael W. Dean and MK Lords on Delivering WOOOORMS Via the Blockchain – live radio archive


MK Lords effortlessly and triumphantly graduates from third wheel to second wheel on the Freedom Feens. (Quickest co-host to do so yet!)

In doing so she explains why Bitcoin is pretty darned cool, but there’s still that little issue of people doing dumb things. She and MWD also discuss “How would we deal with crazy people with guns without the government.”

Also, groovy gadfly Jim Jesus comes on for a segment and yaks about the very cool card game fundraiser for Libertarians Against Humanity.

LORD OF WAR – Intro , The Life Of A Bullet

Everyone’s a Scammer

Bitcoin Is Great, But It Won’t Fix Our Monkey Brains

The Danger of Reputation and Trustless Systems

How Bitcoin Can Stop War

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I Vote for a Pocket Lou! – Freedom Feens radio archive

pocket lou

Lousander Feen and Michael W. Dean take your hand and lovingly explain how you are a thief and a murderer if you vote. Also: if voting changed anything it would get your droned! Worms!



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Should you EVER talk to police? (commercial-free Freedom Feens radio archive)


Randy England and Michael Dean say “Yes, in SOME select situations.” …Like if you were a witness to actual crimes and you have the only footage of it, like Ian Freeman did with the bottle fight near Pumpkin fest.

Other topics:

Black metal church burnings

Peacekeeper App

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The market could easily provide arguing with other libertarians about the nuances of the NAP – Freedom Feens radio archive


Bill Buppert and Michael W. Dean discuss Ebola, the State and other viruses.

Topics include: fiat money, introverts vs. extroverts, the basics of liberty as spurred by the Freedom Feens show prep generator (a.k.a. Libertarians Against Humanity Solitaire generator), and they explain why you should not vote. Also, how to understand introverts, and why we’re better.

The Freedom Feens Guide to Podcasting and Radio

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The Bad Quaker’s Redemption in the Third Act – Freedom Feens radio archive


MWD and Ben Stone the Bad Quaker drop mad scientists, and Ben Stone gives some hope for the future (and the present!) in the face of tyranny.

Also, the Feens are thinking of ditching “subscribe by email.” We’re opening that up for discussion. Let us know if you have an opinion either way.

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Mission Creep? Or Just Creeps on a Mission? – commercial-free Freedom Feens radio archive


Lousander Feen and Michael W. Dean talk about homeschooling, chickens, 1966 Plymouth Barracudas, poker, DSL, Net Neutrality,….and they wonder “are truant officers enforcing a new Fugitive Slave Act?”

Daily AnCap (aggregator of liberty).


Libertarians Against Humanity deck of Cards Against Humanity.

Possum Living: How to Live Well Without a Job and with (Almost) No Money

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Secession Fail: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do – Freedom Feens live radio archive


Derrick J. and Bill Buppert fill in for MWD (who is busy working on his magnum opus tutorial video on “How to Podcast.”) Derrick and Bill’s topics include:

Continue reading Secession Fail: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do – Freedom Feens live radio archive

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Future Shock and the Police State – Freedom Feens live radio archive


Freedom Feens Chandler St. Pierre, Michael W. Dean and Garrett Fox talk about the very prescient 1970 book Future Shock, and why some cops want to wreck you day even when you’ve done nothing wrong. Also: The TV Babies vs. The Chromed Robot Babies.







Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast

Life, Liberty & Proper Tea Podcast

Torrent of Davi Barker’s Authoritarian Sociopathy (audio book)
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Oh, Footskin! – Freedom Feens live radio archive


Dianna Keiler and Michael W. Dean invent a new radio-safe cuss, “Oh, Footskin!” with the help of Christian Saucier. They also discuss what to do about family and friends who don’t like that you’re suddenly into liberty and freedom.

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