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Free is Beautiful – Freedom Feens radio archive


Randy England esq. and Michael W. Dean tell you why Free is Beautiful. They discuss libertarian morality, holiday sales on drugs, “Is it ‘DIY’ or ‘DYI’?”, bad cops, and why you should withdraw your consent from the State, or at least not cheer when it kidnaps and murders people.

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Interview with Colleen, who DeFOOed the “Cult” of Stefan Molyneux – Freedom Feens live radio archive


Colleen used to be a member of the ten-person inner circle of Stefan Molyneux’s Free Domain Radio. She says Free Domain Radio is a cult.

And it sounds like a cult to Michael W. Dean and Dianna Keiler as they yak for 80 minutes with Colleen about all the down-and-dirty ins & outs of the mind-warping that goes on in the inner sanctum of Stefan Molyneux’s Free Domain Radio mind-control web world.


Colleen’s YouTube Channel

TruShibes mirror on YouTube

Philosophy lines

Who’s more Culty, Stefan Molyneux or the Freedom Feens? – Freedom Feens live radio archive

Molyneux tries to bad touch MWD’s brain in 2012 Anarchy Gumbo interview. (Clusterfark and argument starts around the 58 minute mark.)

Holy Moly: The Bizarre Online Cult Of Stefan Molyneux  Google Cache “Holy Moly: The Bizarre Online Cult Of Stefan Molyneux” ……article that got Moly’e off Buzzfeed http://goo.gl/01jYZj


Molyneux has tried to silence critics before this month.


Freedom of Mind anti-cult Group:
Freedom of Mind database Search for Molyneux:

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If Your Dog Is Not A Drug Dog, We Thank Him For His Service – Freedom Feens live radio archive


Nikki Darling, Michael W. Dean and Mark Schisler talk about the war on drugs and why even conservatives should be against it.

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Feen Drone, Feen Drone


The Feens tell you how not to be a fear monger and rumor spreader when it comes to tyranny media, they talk about audio gear, and have an amazing sound. They imitate a call from bad libertarian Paul Anderson, then actually take a call from bad libertarian Paul Anderson. Michael wonders if Paul Anderson is a sociopath, and Paul Anderson wonders if Stefan Molyneux is a sociopath. The Feens also review the punk rock movie Suburbia and the great documentary on YouTube called Broadcasting’s Forgotten Father, the Charles Herrold Story, which is about the first-ever talk radio host in 1911.


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I Got 99 Problems and the Government is Most of ‘Em


Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi spend a wonderful spring Sunday indoors talking on the Internets with a bunch o’ cool Feens about cops, pot, the social contract, The Kansas City Preventive Patrol Experiment, cops and the Non-Aggression Principle, are there any good cops? the Milgram Experiment, the Beastie Boys, a bunch o’ other cool stuff, Drones….and then we hear a song by Michael’s old band, Bomb called “If I Were a Girl.”

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drone cat

Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi talk calls and spend April 15th talking about taxes, drones, Hilary Rosen, Jenkum, silver, Rachel Madow, Hannity, democrats, Muslims, Napster, OWS, worms, CSI, is Lady Heather based on Mistress Ilsa Strix, Jerry Stahl,… and the need to blame things less on the government and more on the people.

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Before libertarianism, and after

Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi explain “what is libertarianism?” and answer the question “Why do libertarians love guns?” Then they talk about how when worms are outlawed, only outlaws will have worms, and how minarchists are people who believe that the government doesn’t do things well so the government should only do really IMPORTANT things. They explain how, with nanny laws, THERE’S A GUN HIDDEN UNDER THAT STACK OF PAPERS, they talk about THE WELFARE / WARFARE STATE, problems with condenser microphones not working, Counting Crows, David Immergluck, J-Church, dealing with dry skin, an ex-newscaster explains how the mainstream media spins its lies – and why the Feens don’t have to lie, an Iranian American talks about Iran, Israel teams with terror group to kill Iran’s nuclear scientists, how you can help put all the Freedom Feens episodes on YouTube and get more subscribers for your channel, Judge Napolitano fired from Fox Business, the new Anarchy Cologne, judge says “Owning assault gun, growing pot are immoral“, LAPD Pioneers High-Tech Crime-Fighting ‘War Room’ it its war on the People, I.P. law and anarchy, Catholics hate the new birth control laws, the upcoming movie about the Outhouse punk club, and “It’s a Jetson’s World.”


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